Nightclubs in Riga

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Peldu iela 26/28
Brivibas 96

2. La Rocca

17 reviews
Terbatas str. 73

3. Studio 69

2 reviews
32 Valnu iela

4. Depo

7 reviews
Kalku 24

5. Roxy Club

14 reviews
Peldu iela 26/28

6. Pulkvedis

2 reviews
Vecpilsētas 12

7. Cetri Balti Krekli

1 review
Grecinieku Iela 11a

8. Bar Duck

0 reviews

Reviews about Nightclubs in Riga

Does it have psytrance parties?

La Rocca

This is an awesome bar. My friends and I were planning on making it our regular place to go as we loved the crowd and music. That was until we were bullied by a 21 year old bartender and a young manager. We were not rowdy, were having a good time and sitting at the bar. The manager was working behind the bar on Friday night March 28th and with a little witty banter he started to get very offensive towards us. I told him I didn't want any trouble and he said, "I run this place and I can speak to you however I want to speak to you." We did not partake in the dramatics and decided that there were more positives than negatives and we would brush it off as silly boy taking his agression out on us. We returned March 29th for a end of night cocktail and the young bartender and manager were there drinking with their friends. They seperated my friend and I and sat beside us to start instigating fights once again. The manager repeated, "I can speak to you have ever I like, do you understand now?" By politely brushing that off him and his employee left to continue drinking. The young bartender came back and again we had witty banter and a harmless battle of wits. None of these guys respect women or like for them to have a voice so he said that we were stupid Canadian girls who asked too many questions. (We were asking about a stone that he had recently put in front of each of us at the bar. No clue what it was about.) He decided to attack me in the most pathetic way possible by calling me fat. We immediately left the bar without saying a word. We will never return as I have never in my life experience bullying like that. Completely uncalled for and for a manager to be looking for a way to kick us out and push our buttons is absolutely unprofessional. What customer service eh? The owner has a great bar, I feel sad for him that he employed such rude men.

Nobody Writes To The Colonel

I love this place! The best memories from Riga coz of "Pulkvedis";)


Good club,but becareful the drunk Russian guys.They are looking around all the time for fights.

La Rocca

Best place in Riga. Must see

La Rocca

best club in riga!

La Rocca

69 its bad place, cos of girls-hunters, they like to take all ure cash for nothing+they can work in a strip club, cos in the 2 floor(balcony) there is a strp bar Tutti-Frutti, and it is extremely bad...girls and attitude

United States,
Studio 69

Last weekend I went to Riga for sightseeing plus get some fun. I was in Riga two weekend nights - Fri-Sat and Sat-Sun. The 1st night I spent in The Club and 2nd in Studio 69. What was good about S69: - 5 or 6 dance floors (R&B, local dance music, rock, disco, techno...) - a lot of people. I personally like it, but not everyone does. - friendly people who mostly knows how to party. What I hate about this place: - quite expensive. Ticket cost 10 Ls - you need to be really careful in the bars, they ripped me off for another 10 Ls: I paid 20 Ls for a drink but bartender girl gave me change like for 10! Of course - explanations didn't help, I wanted to talk to her manager etc. Of course, no way to prove my right. And to be honest - unless you will pay using a credit card or exact amount there is no way to prevent that. - EXTREMELY loud music. I'm not kidding, almost for whole next day I was hearing noise in my ears. If you really care for your hearing - avoid this place. Overall - 5. For sure - I'll not come back there (although I'm planning to go to Riga soon). Regards

Studio 69

Same place as Nobody write to the colonel. But nice more local place - crowded Thursdays and Fridays - friendly staff and prices.


Haha - funny to see reviews this year of a club there has been closed for 3 years! Changed 2 or more years ago to Babylon and now its variete show..

Roxy Club