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1. I Love You

10 reviews
Terbatas 2G

2. Apsara Tea House

5 reviews
Jauniela 19/1

3. Spot Kafe

1 review
Stabu 15

4. Double Coffee

2 reviews
Ģertrūdes iela 27

5. Monte Kristo

0 reviews
Pils Iela 7

6. Mojo Cafe

0 reviews

Reviews about Cafes in Riga

Beautiful place , shit staff. They really need hospility and customer service classes ungently . I’d recommend you to go and buy the cheapest one just to be able to relax in the amazing area up stairs and avoid contact with the staff, they might bite!

Apsara Tea House

Best tea house and best place in Riga! I will never forget. Best tea, trying to get some shipped over to Germany as I never had that good green tea again

Apsara Tea House

I visit Riga a couple of times a year. I usually try to visit my favourite Apsara tea house which is located in the park near the central railway station. I love this place because of its second floor where you can remove your shoes and relax on the pillows while watching the beautiful park through the glass walls. Unfortunately, this time it was not as good. I decided to try a second brew of the tea I bought, because the tea gives a slightly different taste when brewed for the second time, milder but somehow satisfying. So I went to the first floor and politely asked the staff member for some more boiling water for my tea pot. The girl refused and asked me to buy a new pot of tea. I understand her desire to make profit, but seriously - I'm not asking for much, this is only water! This greediness is absurd and sad. I still like the place, but I won't visit it anymore. That last visit left a nasty aftertaste.

Apsara Tea House

First class place !

I Love You

A great Shot Bar, which located in the very middle of Old town, just next to Dome Square. A lot of special offers, happy hours, amuzing music and student prices ;) Also a cozy place to watch sports.

Spot Kafe

What a terrific chill out place!! We were there in early April on a day where the weather precluded extensive touristing - If you enjoy the full tea experience try the Apsara Tea House - also known as Tejnica Tea House

Apsara Tea House

I love "I love You" when ever i being in riga i visit.

I Love You

The previous comment is obviously fake (loads of English mistakes for someone who comes from the UK) DC is brilliant, you can order whatever on the menu, it is going to be delicious. The staff has always been friendly with me and even took the time to help me with my Latvian accent!

Double Coffee

Dear Sir/Madam I am on holidays in Latvia, Riga. Today 4 of October me and my mum was in one of you branches in Origo. We ordered two Irish Baileys coffee. The coffee was cold. I am working in London in five star hotel bar for 6 years, I know my job very well. Was trying to explain to the manager of this restaurant that I am not happy with my coffee. I was surprised with her attitude. The manager she was very rude, was trying to argument with me and telling me that I am wrong. It was very bad experience to me. Very sad that some managers does not know how to treat own costumers, how to run restaurant and make you visitors happy. Very disappointment with a manager of Double coffee restaurant which based in Stacijas laukums 2, Riga. Best wishes. Kristina.

United Kingdom,
Double Coffee

A funny place - but had a good time. Agree that the staff were positive, which made a change from other places we had visited. I give it 8.

United Kingdom,
I Love You