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Editor's review

XXL began as a small bar in 1999, but over the years it has expanded to become the modern European dance club that it is today. The dance floor has great sound from famous local and guest DJs, an elaborate light system and its own bar. Beyond the dance floor the club also contains a labyrinth, a darkroom, and video cabins for spicing the night up a bit. In addition to a wide variety of cocktails, the club offers a wide menu of European cuisine. For a special treat, every Friday and Saturday night at 3 am the club puts on its own award-winning "show" for guests of XXL. Opposite the club is Riga's only Gay Hotel.

Editor & Riga Local


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yeah... empty place. The only few visitors were looking more like old pedophiles. Agressive, russian only speaking doorman... Nah...

Reply Jun 8th, 2016
Chris Hill
United Kingdom

This place is disgusting. I along with my mates went in on a Friday. It was empty. The music was wank. And don't even get me started with the drinks prices. Ten euros, YES TEN EUROS, for Vodka and coke! I'm still spitting feathers now thinking about it. And they wonder why the place is dead. The atmosphere is also really shit. Go a straight bar, half the price and staff are much nicer. I'm 100% a gay man - avoid this place

Reply Sep 12th, 2015

Came for the EuroPride and shame I didn't read the reviews before. Complete rip off! I paid twice as a Lavian guy next to me. Shame!

Reply Jun 18th, 2015

horrible, boring and a total ripoff, to avoid at all costs

Reply May 4th, 2015

They overcharge on everything, rude and ugly employees. Horrible place, avoid! A shame for Riga.

Reply Jan 10th, 2014
United Kingdom

An absolute rip off!! No atmosphere and smokey! Rent boys in there really pester you. Avoid!

Reply Oct 7th, 2012

Rubbish! Staff litteraly stole me!

Reply Apr 18th, 2012

Unfriendly staff. You pay entrance fee for a bad service. People smoke in the corridor between two bars.

Reply Jan 8th, 2012
Jonas Bay

I have visited this place several times and never had any problems like other here. Maybe because the staff "know me" and and dont dare to try to rip me off. But dont buy the bartender any drinks, he just pretend to drink it and its no alcohol, just juice,hehe

Reply Nov 9th, 2011
United States

What a joke...

Reply Oct 30th, 2011
United States

To avoid!!!

Reply Oct 28th, 2011
United Kingdom

Worst place ever! As soon as you speak English the prices flyrocket! Very unfriendly! Not more than 10 people in the whole venue, all of them looked either weird or ridiculous. Total DISASTER!

Reply Oct 28th, 2011

it is better than nothing in Riga. Beer 3 Lats and on the Partytime weekends 3 Lats to get in. Riga is expensive anyway, but its almost better than the boaring Golden club. Nice Massageboy upstairs.Have Fun

Reply Oct 9th, 2011

never go there guys. Its just a bar of bandits, robbers and young rent boys that wont hesitate to empty your pocket, go instead to golden bar, much friendly and only 3 lats for a vodka redbull.

Reply Sep 18th, 2011

It is true that they try to ripp tourists off: My first wodka red bull was 7, later (as I met nice people from Riga) it was only 4,50. He excused himself with "he had given a double wodka). But even with my new locals we had debates about the prices of further drinks, as "the cheap wodka just ended and now its more expensive" - we were told. Its sad, that XXL loses clientel and gives that poor impression to people visiting Riga. Alternatively go to "Golden". The club XXL on saturday was okay, maybe 20 people dancing, drinking. Dark room: only 1.

Reply Jul 30th, 2011

Never again.

Reply Jun 21st, 2011

Luck must have been on my side for those 2 nights I was there. Great people. Friendly staff.

Reply May 19th, 2011
United Kingdom

This club was terrible.

Reply May 9th, 2011
Fred Creutz

I want to hear how people have been ripped off in XXL Bar XXL Nightclub and at their hotel, telling it so not others become at this place that lately unfortunately has become a disgrace to the gay community and for Riga and Latvia, so the tax authority and the police are made aware of all people who have been ripped off there.

Hope Riga-Life also put a warning about this place.

Reply Feb 11th, 2011

i enjoyed being there, but in riga there is another good club. i think its called Golden. try going there olala

Reply Oct 7th, 2010
United Kingdom

I didn't find it any more expensive than other clubs in Riga. It was quite good. Nothing special by UK standards, but OK.

Reply Sep 23rd, 2010

wait after 2.00 a.m. to see probably more visitors there. beer was a bit more expensive than in berlin, but as a tourist, you waste money anyway. good to know that this place exists in riga at all.

Reply Jun 27th, 2010

I liked it. I dont know about the club being expensive. The prices of drinks and jacket are the same with every other normal club. Latvia is generally an expensive country come to think of it, coupled with the economic recession that worsened everything. I liked the hospitality and services there. The guys are gorgeous and sociable. I had fun.

Reply Jun 15th, 2010

Been there once & I did like it... coming again next month... :)

Reply Jan 17th, 2010
United Kingdom

everyone keeps saying that the other bars are better than xxl , but where are the other bars? which other bars?

Reply Oct 2nd, 2009

I fully agree with Jose!

Atmosphere is great! Prices like everywhere. Control your money yourself!

Reply Apr 25th, 2009
Jose Santos Gutierrez

I loved this place ! I cant understand U guys what are U writing here about prices?? The prices is normal like a everywhere, I think more cheaper then many places in Europe ! I was other gay bar (I dont remember the name), this one was really shit, very bad experience, never more ! I think in this small and nice city, XXL is the best gay bar !

Nice guys, good people, good service, what are U need more ???

Reply Apr 21st, 2009
United Kingdom

very expensive and overcharging foreigners, almost no people inside not even in the weekend. Don't go, everything else is better

Reply Apr 13th, 2009

overcharging for foreigners and to expensive for Latvians, getting worse and worse with less visitors every year. Time for Change. But for people who enjoy, still a bit dirty , sleazy and hot

Reply Apr 2nd, 2009

Double prices if you are foreign. Don't say a word when you entrance, otherwise the doorman will charge a double. Very, very expensive.

Reply Mar 11th, 2009
United Kingdom

Agreed, too expensive. Not so bad once we got in but there are better...

Reply Jan 9th, 2009

Must be the worst place I ever visited. Please avoid. Go to other places.

Reply Jan 9th, 2009
United Kingdom

awful place, nobody answered the bell for 15 minutes, very, extremely expensive


Reply Oct 2nd, 2008

very expensive......

Reply Jun 2nd, 2008

AWFUL. Don't go there.

As soon as people see that you're a foreigner, you'll pay twice the price for the entrance, a beer or even the cloakroom...dirty place and nobody there but the weekend.

Reply Mar 23rd, 2008
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