Latvians Start Looking at their Price Tags Before EURO Comes In

As reported, Latvia is planning to adopt the euro in January 2014. Price monitoring before the introduction of euro will begin this January in order to provide residents with information about the prices of the most popular goods and services before rounding of the prices at euro introduction, and also counter the possibility of increasing the prices.
Before September 2013, price monitoring will be performed on a monthly basis, whereas from October 1 to December 28, the prices will be monitored four times a month. The price monitoring will be performed in the most popular outlets in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Valmiera, Jelgava, Ventspils and Rezekne.
The list of the most popular goods and products, the prices of which will be monitored, will include 93 goods and products and 32 services: bread and cereal products, meat, fish and fish products, fruit, vegetables, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, housing maintenance services, healthcare products, communications, newspapers and magazines, certain recreational activities, catering, financial, tourism, body care and other services.
Information about the prices for the most popular goods and services will be regularly updated at the Economy Ministry's website and the website.


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