Beautician busted for smuggling military scopes

A Latvian-born lady has been found guilty of smuggling military technology out of the United States.

24-year-old Anna Fermanova, who was arrested at JFK Airport last year, was found to be carrying night-vision sniper scopes, with the serial numbers scratched off.

In a New York court, Fermanova admitted to having smuggled technology to Russia on other occasions.

The beautician has both U.S. and Russian citizenship.

Fermanova, who was apologetic in court, was given a four-month sentence by the judge.

She said that she believed that her customers were big game hunters, and claimed that she had not considered that the items might fall into the wrong hands.

I just wanted to say that I was truly sorry for what I did, Fermanova said.

I completely realize it was a really foolish act. It was a means to make a little extra cash.

Besides the four-month stint behind bars, the defendant must also pay a $1000 fine.


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