Latvian inventors champion fashion power

A team of scientists in Latvia has developed a way of using body movements to power electronic gadgets.

The team has come up with with an electric generator that can be fitted into the lining of a jacket.

The concept is that through sustained activity, namely walking, enough power will be generated for small everyday gadgets.

Scientists concur that the average man generate 200-300 microwatts per hour. This means that a few hours on the trot and you can power up your own iPhone.

"What is very important is that our system is flat," said Juris Blums, from Riga Technical University, during an interview with Deutsche Welle.

"So, it is not necessary to take a bag or its not necessary to place this system in a pocket, for example.

The team says they need another year of testing before the product can be released onto the market, but they are confident that the cost will not be expensive.


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