Bear won over with treats

A bulky brown bear that gave park wardens the slip has been recaptured by love and treats according to officals.

The furry fellow went on the run from the Ligatne Nature Reserve, some 70 kilometres from the Latvian capital of Riga.

Known to wardens as Made, the female bear has lived in a special enclosure at the park since 1995.

There was some concern about the escape, as Made had moved to an area that is highly popular with mushroom and berry-pickers.

Initial attempts to capture the bear using tranquillisers bore no fruit, and a change of tack was decided upon.

"Since the previous tactic of using tranquillisers achieved no results, it was decided to use a more unconventional method of catching a bear - love and treats," revealed Ainars Steins, head of the local Ligatne district council, as cited by AFP.

"The efforts have paid off and Made willingly followed 'mother bear' (her keeper) Velga Vitola, who with the help of colleagues returned Made to her enclosure," he said.


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