Latvian beauty reveals close shave with crooks

A Latvian girl currently taking party in the TV show Britain and Irelands Next Top Model has revealed that a flirtation with the modelling world nearly cost her dearly back in her native country.

Blonde beauty Anastasia Bogatirjova, 19, says that she was approached on a beach by a man claiming to be a scout from an international modelling agency.

The enthusiastic man organised fashion shoots with her, and said that the next step was to move to Milan.

He made a special visit to Anastasias parents to outline the project.

But the young Anastasia had a problem processing some travelling documents.

At the time, I cried for months, going Oh, all the other girls have gone, and I didnt get to go, she told the British media.

However, it soon turned out that fate had intervened for the better. Some months after the Anastasia was due to leave, the police called at her house.

It turned out that the scout was a crook, and that the girls were not taken to Milan, but Moscow, where they were sold as prostitutes.

Mercifully, for Anastasia, this time round, shes in safer hands.

Im so grateful to have a second opportunity, she said.


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Steve Christie

I'll give her a shave of the ole bikini line! Actually I'm trying to convince a Latvian not to shave.

Reply Feb 28th, 2012