Blondes parade through Riga

Hundreds of fair-haired revellers paraded through the Latvian capital on Saturday in the third edition of the popular Blonde procession.

Originally launched to lift spirits as a result of the onset of the economic recession, the event has proved a runaway success.

Organised by the Latvian Blondes Association, the overwhelming majority of the participants belong to the so-called fairer sex.

Indeed, those interested in joining the parade must sport tight-fitting white leggings and a jolly pink t-shirt.

So popular has the march become that the police have to re-route the citys traffic, so that the event runs smoothly.

This year, the parade even managed to draw some blondes from foreign shores. A fifteen-person team from New Zealand joined the ranks, plus thirty-two ladies from Lithuania, and a smattering of Italians and Finns.

The march was followed by a pink party at the Godvil nightclub.

All proceeds from this years event go to the local childrens playground charity.


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