Latvian runner challenges car to race

Multi-medal-winning Latvian sprinter Gatis Salitis threw down the gauntlet over Easter and challenged a nifty motorist to a race against the clock.

Having watched an English rugby player try something similar on Jeremy Clarkson's cult motor maniac programme Top Gear, the Latvian runner thought he could do better than the Brit, who alas, failed the challenge.

The race involved a a 50 metre sprint in one direction, followed by a swift turn and 50 metres back. The car has to do the second leg in reverse.

"The main condition is - how fast the car stops and changes gear. As we know, a car can reach 100 km/h in three seconds, but if it cannot stop in time, it cannot beat me," he said to Reuters TV, which filmed the event.

The Latvian challenged two vehicles, the first being a Nissan Skyline.

As luck would have it, the driver got off to a cranky start and Salitis blazed away to victory.

Next up was Volkwagen Passat, driven by a professional rally driver. This time round, the plucky runner was pipped to the post in the home straight.

But at least he vanquished the Nissan. Bravo next time a lamborghini!


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