Riga Knits World's Longest Scarf

Wrapping up warm is always a sensible idea at this time of year, as anyone who lives east of Berlin will tell you. However, this November, the citizens of Riga took it a little bit further than most when they decided to knit the world's longest scarf.

The ten-day-odyssey began on November 12th, when a group of committed knitters sat down to rustle up the super-sized accessory. The action took place at a downtown shopping centre, and members of the public were free to drop in and add a few lines to the mighty concoction. The only prerequisite was that the scarf had to be knitted in the colours of the Latvian flag: red and white.

After ten days of devoted knitting, the Rigameisters were able to triumphantly declare that the record had been broken. The combined effort notched up a whopping 106.6 feet. The end product was then auctioned off for charity, bringing an early dash of Christmas spirit to the streets of Riga.


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