Lars von Trier to set Riga in scene

Danish film director Lars von Trier is to shoot a movie in Latvia's capital.

According to Latvian newspapers, the well-known and controversial director is said to be already involved in writing the screenplay for a film called "A Royal Affair", the scenes of which will be set in the streets of Riga.

It will be a co-production between von Trier's film company Zentropa and the Latvian company Film Angels Studio. The movie will be directed by the Danish film maker Nikolaj Arcel. The film is one of three international productions that have been selected by Riga's city council for heating up Riga's economy. By financially supporting the film projects, Riga intends to attract new business.

The other two movies are a Finnish Sci-fi "Iron Sky" and a Japanese historical drama "Clouds on the Hill".


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