Blonde Power turns on the Cheer

Finally this summer Latvians got something to smile about amid all the economic gloom and doom that has hit this titchy Baltic state. Strutting their - not insubstantial - stuff through Riga's main square came the delectable spectacle of 500 drop-dead blondes dressed in pink and white, many of them accompanied by lap dogs adorned in and white! Their mission? To spread joy, happiness and peace throughout Riga and kick sand in the face of all that pessimism that has gripped the nation lately.

"Finally", exclaimed one 70-year bystander, "something to smile at', as she waved on the entourage of babes. "I just can't stand listening to people talk about the crisis anymore," she added. The march was part of the 'Blonde Weekend' that also aimed to dispel myths that blondes are just a pretty face. "I may be beautiful, but I'm not dumb", stated one marcher, 20-year old Ilona.

Certainly the march was a stroke of pure genius; organised by the Latvian Blonde Association it also helped raise funds to build children's playgrounds as well bringing much needed cheer to Riga's menfolk. Blondes Rule!


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