The Party's Over for Blacklisted Bars

Venturing out for the night to Rigas bars and clubs will hopefully become a more easy-going experience after two pubs that have been accused of scamming tourists lost their licences.

'The Lord Pub'and 'Puzzle Bar' had their licences revoked earlier this month and they are just two of many bars in the town to be accused of ripping off travellers. They're also on the blacklist of bars and clubs Click here published by the American Embassy and from which the Embassy bans all its staff from going to.

The action comes shortly after a special police task force was launched to deal with the escalating problems of tourists being taken for a ride. There are eight criminal investigations ongoing and any action could mean more licences being overturned.

For the last few years now Internet forums and websites have hummed about the scandal of tourists being charged several times when they pay by credit card and good-looking girls seducing them before landing them with extortionate bills for booze.

Despite all this, Riga has loads of fabulous, fun places to hang out and have a beer just check out our bar and club listings. If you do have a bad experience anywhere though, send us a message as we want to know.

And one last thing to remember guys, if a cute blonde does give you a full on stare - if she wouldnt talk to you back home, chances are she wouldnt here either, so watch your wallet.


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I have not a nice experience in Alibi Grill Dining Pub...something between a pub, a dining bar and a restaurant..we were 3 persons (2 saslik + 1 beef steak), 1 beer and something else...I paid 123 let..I recommend to look with suspect when the waiter does not ask you what you this case the girl spoke english, but was much more convenient to let believe that was not so..I think that this bad habhits it does not belong only to night clubs or pubs, but it is something more general..

Reply Nov 3rd, 2010

Good to see something is (at last) being done by the latvian local authorities to stop corruption & tourist robbery. Have they (at last) understood that Latvian economy wouldn't survive without tourism so that it's about time to treat visitors decently? Good thing. Been to Riga during 5 days two months ago, never had any problem there, enjoyed the culture and now I'm happy this city getting rid of all these places.

Reply Jul 19th, 2009