Dance Away...

International Baltic Ballet Festival has just started in Riga. The 14th edition of the Festival begun with a concert, merging two opposing dance styles: tango and rock'n'roll. The Festival, which is going to last until May 6, has a rich tradition in the Latvian capital. It's motto "From Classical to Avant-garde" says it all. During the event the audience will be able to see 8 professional dance performances and admire dance artists from all around the world.

Rigais the city where such dance celebrities as Maris Liepa, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Aleksander Godunov, Vladimir Gelvan and others begun their careers. One of the most famous prima ballerinas, Lita Beiris, is the initiator, as well as an artistic director of the Festival.

The organizers of the event want to popularize the art of ballet by inviting the best classic and modern ballet ensembles, dancers and choreographers from all of the Baltic Sea states.


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