Bently Comes to Riga

Perhaps the most obvious sign of Riga's growing wealth is a giant symbol of luxury like the English carmaker Bentley. This week, Bentley Motors opened their first dealership in Latvia right in Riga's centre on Krasta Street. With Latvia holding the fastest-growing economy in the EU, it's no wonder ordinary Latvians have more spending power, and the automobile maker believes more and more will be able to afford a luxury car like the Bentley. However, a Bentley is more than four wheels and a pristine leather interior; more than anything, it is a status symbol, and rich Latvians will be rushing to show off their new wealth. Bentley Riga is the third Bentley dealership to venture into Eastern Europe, following one in Moscow and one in Kiev. A service centre has also opened in Tallinn, in anticipation of servicing future Bentley cars in the Baltics. Today, around 80 Bentley models are on the road in the Baltic states, and the dealership hopes to increase that number in the coming months.


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