The Baltic Bangkok? No Thanks

Just weeks after the Latvian NGO Reaction declared a War on Sex Terrorism in Riga, calling for young women to not be won over by a cocktail from foreigners, it seems they need to shift their focus to encouraging foreigners to behave instead. Once again, one irresponsible tourist has made it even worse for everyone else, and has ensured that Latvian society and media hold an increasingly negative view of young male visitors to their country.

This week, a 23 year old Scottish visitor decided to climb a monument in Riga while wearing a kilt, and flashed passers-by from his perch. The man, undoubtedly intoxicated and probably missing a few brain cells, was arrested by Latvian police. The unnamed man claims his exposed fanny was simply a part of Scottish tradition, though we have yet to hear of a Scottish tradition that allows flapping a kilt and flashing said fanny at the unsuspecting Latvian public. Unfortunately, the man only faces a slap on the wrist totalling 50 LATs, or up to 15 days in jail. Perhaps if the Latvian government wants to deter visitors from exhibiting such lewd behaviour, they could insist on a penalty steeper than 50 quid. Otherwise, Riga will continue to be viewed as "The Baltic Bangkok" by stag groups as long drunk and lewd behaviour from tourists is tolerated or hardly punished.


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They should be strung up!

Reply Aug 29th, 2017