Riga Life PDF Now Available!

Have you been thinking lately, "Gee, Riga Life's online guide sure is helpful, but I wish I could take it with me on my trip to Riga!"? Well fear not, we have the answer to your problem - in the form of a new, downloadable PDF guide! Just click the big red button at the bottom-left of every main page on Riga Life.

So now, you don't have to pop into an internet cafe to see our recommendations on where to eat, sleep, drink, shop or play, because we've got our recommendations listed in a compact, print-ready package! Not to mention tips on getting to and around the city, and the best museums, galleries, and cultural institutions to visit while you're here. And unlike the other guys, our PDFs are updated in real time, so the second we add an event to our events calendar, it's in the PDF as well. So print one up before you leave, so you know where to go and what to do before you even get to the city!


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