Scams Latvia Riga The Wild West

Latvia Riga The Wild West Riga Frontier Town I’m really worried about how predatory the people are getting in Latvia!!!!!!!! I was in a bar in Riga when 2 girls & 2 men came in to the bar and sat with me asked for a drink and started to talk with me after a short time they asked me to come with them to Lord Pub which is the old Groks Bar I said no the two the girls they throw the bill on the table I told the waitress I will not pay it. Things were said Russian or Latvian and the girls paid the bill and left but the men stayed. I thought things were getting bad now! At this point a man walked in to the bar with two women the two women sat and the big Man the best way to describe him is a Big Troll with a coat on. He stood in front of me. With his finger he pointed to his eye then at me, I thought Shit! I then got up and went to the waitress and asked her what’s going on she then said to me it’s a Russian thing at that point I thought I’d better pay the bill and leave but another two men came in to the bar and walk the length of the bar, one stayed at the top exit the other stood by the exit next to me and the Troll man was in the other room, so all the exits were covered now and I had no way out shit! I thought Quick how do I get out, I asked the girl to show me how much I owned on the till screen it was 11 Ls so I gave her 15 Ls but I asked for another small beer which cost 1.50 Ls I walk back to my table sat down and drank a bit. I then asked the second Latvian man the one I’ve spoken a few times if he wanted a smoke he said yes thank God for that, so we stood up ( I had a drink on the table I’m going to come back or so they think ) I walked out behind him I could see there was some type of gesture to the man at the door to let us out. As soon as I was out the door I walked as quickly as I could down the road with the Latvian man asking where I was going. I just told him I had to go it was late as soon as I was out of sight I ran. (I run 10k every day so I have no problem running ) I made my first turn back to my hotel then I heard a car driving fast so I slowed down change my appearance a little, then a 4+4 come in to sight I walked very slow making a point of not looking at them, the 4+4 come up very fast then slowed very quickly but they overshot me because of the ice and snow I turn again then ran to my hotel I made it after five minutes of running!!!!!!!!! All I can say if you are thinking of going to Latvia Riga Don’t! If you are take care!! Don’t forget your Six Shooter For the most lawless town in Europe!!!

- Posted by uktourist from Latvia on Feb 27th, 2009

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