hello,I am mariam from Georgia.I want to go to Riga's university.now I study at university in Tbilisi.let me know if you have any information about it.

- Posted by mariam from Latvia on Mar 6th, 2009

hello mariam, I'm coming to Georgia to study at the Tbilisi state medical university,why are you leaving it?is it not good enough?

- Posted by akslam from Latvia on Jun 8th, 2009

Hi..., The university currently consists of 8 faculties: Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty of Building and Civil Engineering Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty of Engineering Economics Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering Hope it helps you.. [url=http://www.irisholidays.com/kerala/munnar-packages.html]munnar packages[url]

- Posted by grapconor from Latvia on Oct 29th, 2010

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