Cracow Life goes global - locally

Having catered to the needs of local businesses - and tourists needing advice - since 2002, Cracow Life today launches globally - at Local Life. Having operated 30 independent, hyperlocal sites over the last 10 years, Local Life is now a single brand, with a single website, but keeping its focus on providing information that only the local resident with a passion for their city can provide.

Mark Bradshaw, Director of Local Life, puts it more succinctly. "We're not just a huge computer like TripAdvisor, and we're not a boring hotel booking site like We're people living locally and writing about local things, in a simple, straightforward manner. There are no gimmicks to what we offer, which is nothing more nor less than honest local travel advice. And some of it is, by the way, quite entertaining." Apart from highlighting local restaurants, hotels, museums and galleries, Local Life journalists also write about anything from Ice Cricket in Tallinn to Russian Brides.

Bradshaw added, "We're now offering anyone who wants to run their own travel website the chance to join us, take advantage of what we have learned over the last 10 years, and share their part of the world with our huge audience of loyal readers. We're not run by some corporate behemoth, so we're flexible and open to big and small destinations. We have recently just launched a guide to the small spa town of Krynica in Poland, and at the same time preparing to launching the bigger destinations of London and Miami. If you've always wanted to run your own local travel business, now is a great time to get in touch with us."


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