Wizzair Lands in Kiev

Low cost carriers Wizzair have arrived in Kiev and set up their latest European base at Borispol Airport, in a move that should radically change the transport set up of this emerging 'New European' nation. From July 2008 residents of the Ukraine will be able to jet about the country to Lviv, Odessa and Simferopol, for as little as 79 UAH.

What's more, these pink and purple pioneers of the skies, will begin international operations to and from the Ukrainian capital from September this year. The good citizens of London (Luton), Dortmund and Milan (Bergamo) will be amongst the first to have the chance to sample Kiev's amazing mix of ancient and modern charms.


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Mark Sloan
United Kingdom

On the 24th of May 2008 I booked return flights from Belfast to Katowice for my pregnant wife, 17-month-old child and I. We booked and paid for these seats online at a price of 294.86 GPB, see attached invoice. The outbound flight, Belfast to Katowice, Poland was uneventful however on our return date of the 24th of July 2008, like always I checked the internet in the event of flight delays as we had a two and a half hour journey to the airport, but could not see Wizzair flight W6 117 which was due to depart at 18:45 from Katowice to Belfast. I informed my wife and asked her to call the customer care line as she could speak Polish, and realized that the cost of doing so was 3.66 Pln per minute equivalent to GBP: 0.90 pence per minute. We had no choice as we needed to speak to Wizzair therefore my wife proceeded to call the customer care line which was answered by Wizzairís telephonic robot which proceeded to ask her to press various numbers on her handset until she got to the correct department were she was kept on hold for little over 1 hour which at this stage she had to hang up due to the mounting cost. After the unsuccessful £58.50 phone call to Wizzair, I decided that I would call Belfast International Airport who confirmed my fears that Wizzair flight W6 117 from Katowice to Belfast had been cancelled by the airline without giving my wife and I notice and that Wizzair had retracted all services from Belfast to Katowice indefinitely. We tried Wizzairís customer care line again however was the same scenario therefore I sent them an email in hope of some return contact, instead I received a message stating that due to technical difficulties it may take up to 30 days to respond to my email. I was due to start back to work that evening thereforewe looked online for alternative flights, as we could not contact Wizzair, however Ryanair and Aerlingus were around £800 GPB therefore we booked the cheapest alternative, which was Easyjet from Prague to Belfast 4 days later, at a cost of £289.00 GPB. I have since sent multiple emails to various Wizzair departments of which none of them have been acknowledged. Below you will find a breakdown of my costs due to your airlines cancellation of Flight W6 117, not to mention the unnecessary hardship, which my family and I have endured. Wizzair Flight costs: £294.86 Phone calls: £ 58.50 Easyjet flights: £280.72 5 hour Connection from Poland to Prague airport £60.00 Fuel costs Loss of earnings: £450 Net minimum 4 nights, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of July. Total losses: £1,152.36 Still no correspondence from Wizzair, looks like they have screwed me good and proper. Beware of this airline, don;t get screwed.

Reply Aug 6th, 2008