Heartbreak Hits Berlin

Ever wondered what to do with that lip-stick smothered poem and terrible Winnie the Pooh tie, which the ex-love of your live (Cecilia was it?) gave to you? You can't throw them out, it would be consigning an important part of your history to the scrapheap... And yet holding onto them just seems to bring back stabs of romantic heartache.

Well citizens of Berlin at least, have a solution to this universal problem. They can donate such items to the Museum of Broken Relationships, a travelling exhibition that has just arrived in the German capital which preserves those symbols of lost love.

The Museum was established in Zagreb, when Croatian artists Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic split up and wanted to do something creative with the vestiges of their relationship. Since then the exhibition has travelled to Sarajevo, Maribor and Ljubljana and is now open to the public at the enigmatic Tacheles venue. So far Berliners have already dedicated scores of items most notably an axe and a wedding dress... sounds like a Mike Myers film script waiting to happen!


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