Berlin Goes Knuts

Officially Berlin's cutest resident, Knut the Polar Bear is fast becoming one of her most famous too. So much so that it has been the furry toddler consistently grabbing the news headlines, ahead of more 'important' events like boring old EU Summits.

The young Knut has won hearts all over Berlin and Germany due to his unhappy plight. The poor thing was rejected by his mother (How could she? The heartless bear!). As a rumour got out that Knut had been pencilled in for a very long sleep courtesy of a nasty injection, animal lovers kicked up a storm demanding that the rare Polar bear cub be allowed to live.

Thankfully a certain handler at Berlin Zoo had no such ideas and has been gently rearing Knut by hand, allowing for his first public appearance last week. Two hundred journalists were there to capture the moment!

It seems that Knut has already become a mascot for the city, a symbol of survival and an ambaddasor for endangered species everywhere... Long live the little fella!


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