Berlinale back for 2007

Berlin's prestigious 'Berlinale' Film Festival returns to the capital for another year this February. As usual a wide selection of films from across the globe have been chosen to compete for the much-sought-after Golden Bear awards, and once more critics and fans are patiently waiting - whilst whetting their lips in anticipation.

Of the 26 films selected for the festival no fewer than 19 are world premieres, so their will be no tired glances as the latest in art cinema reaches an appreciative audience. 2007 sees particularly good French and Asian representation at the Berlinale, with four productions forwarded by Germany's Gallic neighbours and four more making the long journey from the Far East.

'La Vie En Rose', a biopic of Edith Piaf, by Olivier Dahan will kick off proceedings on the 8th February, whilst Francois Ozon's new effort 'Angel' will close the festival two weeks later. Ozon's latest film will be particularly highly anticipated owing to the critical acclaim he has received for previous works such 'Water Drops on Burning Rocks', 'Eight Women' and 'Swimming Pool'.

Other highlights worth looking out for should be the Brazilian-Argentinean co-production 'O ano em que meus pais sairam de ferias' (The Year My Parents Went On Holiday) by Cao Hamburger - the story of a child whose parents are forced to a take a vacation by the then Brazilian dictatorship; 'Notes on a Scandal' by Richard Eyre starring Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett, and '300' by Zack Snyder of the US. The latter is based on the legendary Greek force of 300 hundred Spartan soldiers that held the whole Persian army at bay during the battle of Thermopylae.

For more information on the Berlinale in general, go to our Berlin Film Festival page.


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