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Welcome to the all new Warsaw Life 'interactive map', with just a little help from our friends at Google. Using this spanking new feature of ours should prove a real treat, as with a flick of a switch you can display the exact locations of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, museums and more in Warsaw. Perfect for first time visitors to the city!

Warsaw-life has also introduced an interactive, zoomable map of Warsaw to help you get around, but it is also a good idea to get hold of one of the many printed maps of Warsaw available here on your arrival. No need to pay for one. Pick up one of our excellent Warsaw Life Event Maps for free at any good hotel, bar or restaurant!

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Jia from Poland Reply Dec 27th, 2015

i need a apartment that close to ul.Nowogrodzka.for single.

Karin Blanc from France Reply Dec 9th, 2015

I am trying to find the exact spelling of Dobrowszczakow ulica Can you give me the exact spelling? Thank you very much. Karin Blanc

Editor from Poland Dec 9th, 2015

It's Dąbrowszczaków - the Polish letters ą and ó can easily be left out as a and o, if you don't have Polish keyboard set up. If you write by hand, e.g. posting a card, you need to remember about the tail in a and hyphen over o, as they really make a difference in real life. After all, you want your card to reach its destination, right? All the best!

ann banks from Poland Reply Sep 14th, 2015

trying to find accomodation near ul.gen meriana coopera 9e/12 warsaw 01-315 polska

Yuli Wulandari Hewarlela Reply Mar 3rd, 2014

My family lived in warsaw back in 1986-1988.. this brings wonderful memories..cant see much of our flat at ul kozia though..tks so much.

Guest Reply Apr 22nd, 2013

Quite useful. Thanks

will from United States Reply Feb 26th, 2013


Juhani from Finland Reply Dec 7th, 2012

There is an excellent and quite big restaurant at the corner of Waliców and Grzyboska serving local dishes. Cannot remember the name but would recommend it very warmly.

paolo from Italy Reply Sep 21st, 2012

very nice map :)

Benedikte from Denmark Reply Oct 13th, 2011


Erki from Estonia Reply Aug 4th, 2011

Very nice

Nicole from Poland Reply Apr 21st, 2011

Very helpful website!

john moshonas from Greece Reply Jul 30th, 2010


Brad Cronbaugh from Moldova Reply Apr 27th, 2010

none - looking for chopin airport

Jim Bob from United Kingdom Reply Mar 26th, 2010

This map was very useful, had a printed copy with me. Then picked up one of your guides and don't think I could have managed without it. Took it home and even gave to our friends when they went. Great Job!

monik from Romania Reply Nov 3rd, 2009


Vidas from Lithuania Reply Sep 14th, 2009

just started, got no image yet. Hope it works.

Chandita Mukherjee from India Reply Aug 23rd, 2009

I want to see the crossing of Krasietskiego and Malchevskiego where I lived as a child. I could not find it, Please help.

Gheorghe Hriscu from Romania Reply Apr 12th, 2009

I tried to find the address in Warshow: RONDO ONZ 1 (RONDO 1 building) and ... I didn't find it using your map tool. Best regards, Thanks for your help

Fruity from Canada Reply Feb 10th, 2009

Great work as always guys! Keep it up!

Ulfat from Azerbaijan Reply Jan 27th, 2009


from Azerbaijan Reply Jan 27th, 2009


Trent from United States Reply Dec 1st, 2008

Neat map

Alan from United Kingdom Reply Nov 7th, 2008

Very useful addition to the site. Many thanks guys.

Matt Peterson from United States Reply Oct 31st, 2008

good site

alassane from United States Reply Oct 28th, 2008

thank you for beautiful map

Tomas from Lithuania Reply Aug 12th, 2008

totally insane web: very useful, user-friendly and stylish! god job! regards from sister lithuania.;]

Kiki Kirilov from Bulgaria Reply Apr 25th, 2008

pretty useful web

javier garrido from Spain Reply Nov 26th, 2007

charmful country and people.

u from United States Reply Oct 24th, 2007


Rita from Hungary Reply Sep 6th, 2007

Warsaw is an amazing city!The map reminded me those months I spent in the capital...I guess I have to go back :)

Debra Buckley from United States Reply Jul 11th, 2007

Poland is a beautiful country, Warsaw wonderful city, great food and people. Looking forward to 2012. Best Wishes Poland. The world will see what a wonderful place you are.

Kuldip John from Hong Kong Reply Jun 28th, 2007

Things are looking preety good alot of warnings before travling to Poland, But my question where is central Train station in warsaw to travel to Torun and how long does it take to get to Torun, Look i am flyong there over the weekend i hope to get the Feedback asap. :) Thanks mate

Warsaw Life from Poland Reply Jun 20th, 2007

Thank you for your feedback. Please find that we have now added both the Main Train Station and Warsaw Aiport onto the map - just click on services as before. While the train station is in the centre of the city, you'll have to zoom out a bit and look south to find the airport. We hope this helps.

assewm aldeep from Egypt Reply Jun 20th, 2007

i couldn't finde where the lotinsko and the train station

irina from Romania Reply Jun 4th, 2007

i couldn't find the train station in Warsaw on the map... it was important!

TOM ZEE from United States Reply May 31st, 2007


Dagny from Poland Reply May 23rd, 2007

it's about time - brilliant!

Martina Von Seidel from United States Reply Apr 5th, 2007

Super map!

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