Champions March on Moscow

Calling all football fans! It's time to get your backsides down to your local Russian Embassy and find out about those visa requirements - the UEFA Champions League Final is coming to Moscow in 2008! UEFA made football history when they announced earlier on in the year that they plan to hold club football's most prestigious event in Moscow, the furthest East the cup final has ever been played. What a chance then for Moscow and Russia to remind the world that they are capable to hosting the big event, and to showcase not just the two best teams of 2008 playing for glory, but also this vast and beautiful metropolis we know as Moscow.

Fans who decide to make the long journey east will be delighted by what they discover in this land which is so often kept segregated from 'the West'. From the towering 'Seven Sisters', to the legendary Red Square and the Kremlin, there's no shortage of things to discover - and football fans being football fans they will no doubt want to explore the raucous, and even raunchy, Moscow nightlife. Pubs, bars, nightclubs and stripclubs - there's a lot to take in!

The Champions League Final takes place on the 21st May 2008, at the impressive Luzhniki Stadium, which once hosted the 1980 Moscow Olympics. You can find Luzhniki Stadium in the southwest of the city near the Sportivnaja Metro Station, which is on the red line (line 1). Click here for a Moscow metro map.

Meanwhile if you're looking for accommodation, head to our sleep section for a selection of excellent hotels and hostels. Of course we've much to offer you in the way of information, so make Moscow Life your first point of call for eating out, shopping, travel, tips and be sure to check out our guide and superb online map too. Finally don't forget to print off your free downloadable PDF guide before you go. It has all the essential info you need and is yours to take with you... See you in 2008!


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bernadette from United Kingdom Reply Feb 28th, 2010

Well that's some more silverware for us. We'll have to ask man city if we can use their empty trophy cabinet on loan. Manchester United will live forevermore. BERNIE .

Fanny from Sweden Reply Dec 22nd, 2009

Barcelona!!!!!!!The king Z-L-A-T-A-N! ZLATAN is from the best country SWEDEN!!!

Gosia from Poland Reply May 6th, 2009

Huuurraa!! B-A-R-C-E-L-O-N-A wooooooooonnnn final!!!!!!

STAN from Kenya Reply May 6th, 2009


man u fan from United States Reply May 1st, 2009

lets go man utd the winers of The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final

brookpaul from Thailand Reply Mar 29th, 2009

Chelsea is the best for me....Go on! my team.

gent from Albania Reply Dec 28th, 2008

chelsea is the best

Kyle from United Kingdom Reply Oct 5th, 2008

manchester united.....haha john terry fort he had won that final....then he missed his penalty !....champions of england...champions of europe!!!! hu the hell are chelsea haha, jokers. mancheter united for ever !!! ronaldo !!

from Uzbekistan Reply Jul 2nd, 2008

football is for commoners.

jonatan from Sweden Reply May 27th, 2008

manchester united is the best team in the world.

Tim Zulu from United States Reply May 23rd, 2008

Man.United is the best team. It has proved it. Am a fan since 1968. Manchester United Fan For Life.

ARDIAN from Serbia Reply May 22nd, 2008


andy from United Kingdom Reply May 22nd, 2008

champions champions united supporter til i die

Daniel Maingi from Kenya Reply May 22nd, 2008

MAN U WE LOVE YOU Huyeeeeeeee! cogratulation

Florian from Russia Reply May 22nd, 2008


Moscow Life Admin from Russia Reply May 22nd, 2008

Final score - Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties after extra time. Penalties MISSED by Cristiano Ronaldo (Man United), and by John Terry and Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea)

RickC87UK in Manchester from United Kingdom Reply May 21st, 2008

beein in the city for tonights final , it was one of those games where it was a dead 1 , or a brill 1 , and tonight both teams put on a great show ! so so proud of the lads , 50 years on since munich and what a way to embrace it .. we'll never die we'll never die we'll never die we'll never die we'll keep the red flag fyin high coz man united never die well worthy winners of the prem and europe been the best team thoughout , unbeaten in the c.l tops the lot under ferige long live the glory manchester !!!

david sierra from Argentina Reply May 21st, 2008

how is the score now?????????

jhakas from India Reply May 21st, 2008

man u will be d undisputed champions just wait 4 d final score...........

Moscow Life Admin from Russia Reply May 21st, 2008

Half time score - Chelsea 1-1 Man United. Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo (26 mins) and Frank Lampard (45 mins)

Lisa from United States Reply May 21st, 2008

Man Utd all the way!!!! Your dedicated fan in the USA. I love you all.

Moscow Life Admin from Russia Reply May 21st, 2008

We're all set - enjoy the match!

lucas nuÒez from Argentina Reply May 21st, 2008

win manchester aguante tevez!!!! goles de tevez y ronaldo manchester 2-0 chelsea

iloh chukwuka i from Nigeria Reply May 21st, 2008

i know it ll be hard but at end chelsea must win by 2 goals to 1.

PradaPrince from United States Reply May 21st, 2008

I know in my heart that MAN-U will WIN & Sir. ALex can retire. We're going to WIN 2-goals to-0, with Tavez scoring both goals....

toby from United Kingdom Reply May 21st, 2008

man.u will win on penalties ronaldo will score the winner

Danso Asiedu Wilberforce from Ghana Reply May 21st, 2008

Chelsea will beat Man Utd by 3 goals to 1

Obyno from Nigeria Reply May 21st, 2008

I see the blue taking the trophy already without any penalty shot outs. It actually going to be a cracker but Chelsea will have their way, u no why? Man those guys and damn determined. Am not a chelsea fan but of Barcelona but I suport them. Up Blues in advance

MAria from Zambia Reply May 21st, 2008

finally we're gonna see who is the champ of the premier league..

Daniel Boon from Singapore Reply May 21st, 2008

Manchester United is going to beat Chelsea 2 - 0

Aakash from India Reply May 21st, 2008

it all depends upon the forwards...if its rooney and tevez followed by ronaldo on the right and giggs on the left then no one can stop man u from winning.

Dr Isaac Asiedu from Ghana Reply May 21st, 2008

Anyone who reads history knows that its much easier for history to be repeated than history being made. Man U all the way.

Charles from South Africa Reply May 21st, 2008

Man.United's arrogance will be their downfall- CHELSEA 2 - MAN. U 1

sudip from Nepal Reply May 21st, 2008

Chelsea is gonna level their pride over Man U with a 3-1 victory.

Dylan from United States Reply May 21st, 2008

Manchester United will once again be atop the Cahmpions League when they crush Chelsea today.

Mohsin Mumtaz from Pakistan Reply May 21st, 2008

Manchester United, you rule .... You haven't disappointed your fans in the 3 previous UEFA finals ..... We expect the same this time. Best of Luck !!! Both the teams are in good form, and we hope for a thrilling final.

Isa from Nigeria Reply May 21st, 2008


sontu tonsing from India Reply May 21st, 2008

lampard and terry....... you are the best

Roy kipkoech from Kenya Reply May 21st, 2008


Amaechi from Nigeria Reply May 21st, 2008

Ronaldo, Tevez, Roony please dont let us down. I want you to take Chesea on aware in 1st half. I need at least 3 goas in 1st half. Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Brown - please take care of our keeper. Giggs, Scholes, Anderson, Hagreaves - please take good care of the mid-fied. The Lord will see you through in Jesus name. Amen

Marina from Russia Reply May 20th, 2008

We have got 2-room apartment for 4 persons near the centre, 2 minutes to metro station on foot. If you need, transfer airport-apartment-airport and apartment-UEFA-apartment.

sam selwood from United States Reply May 19th, 2008

Got 2 tickets cat2(Chelsea Section), happy to meet in and around london to exchange tonight/tomorrow, call 07747509578, £300 each, thanks

Joanne+Stuart from United Kingdom Reply May 19th, 2008

2 TICKETS - MAN UNITED END - TRIBUNE B, SECTION 9 - Happy to meet you anywhere near/around London to give you our tickets. £325 each, Joanne and Stuart (07736 929042)

Stuart from United Kingdom Reply May 19th, 2008

I have 2 tickets in the Manchester United end, Tribune B - unfortunately I can no longer make the game. I was lucky yo buy the tickets for £900 2 weeks ago but now, reluctantly I am willing to sell them for a reduced price of £325 each. Please contact me on this e-mail. Joannne. x

lisa from Italy Reply May 17th, 2008

Chelsea and Manchester are two very good teams....but Manchester has someone that could made the difference!!!!

Anonim from Azerbaijan Reply May 16th, 2008

Manchester United champoin.... from United Kingdom Reply May 5th, 2008

Manchester United is the best in europe because have c.ronaldo,rooney,teves,anderson,ferdinadn and recket Paul Scholes

Florim from Albania Reply May 5th, 2008

manchester win in moscow 3-0 ronaldo 2'25'65'

thepimpmaster101 from United Kingdom Reply May 5th, 2008

Man Utd > Chelsea We're going to win the double!

Michael from Australia Reply May 2nd, 2008

Ive got to book my ticket and visa and i'm travelling from Sydney, Oz to watch Fergie create history - anybody have 1 ticket?

S Bath from Canada Reply May 2nd, 2008

coming all the way from canada to support our reds, anyone know if theres anyway to get my hands on a ticket?

aden from Australia Reply May 2nd, 2008

anyone know what time does the game start in australia? go MAN U

brian from United States Reply May 1st, 2008

So i guess the game airs in the U.S. at 22:45? am i correct

Brian Clough from United Kingdom Reply May 1st, 2008

Hi Lasse, yes you are right that was GMT, now we are in British Summer Time so add an hour 22.45pm.

lasse from Norway Reply May 1st, 2008

Hey Brian ... hopefully my ticket is correct .......... not you :-)

Lasse from Norway Reply May 1st, 2008

hey Dave, the stadium opens at 19.45, and the game starts 22.45 local time ... and I have a ticket for sale ... at C field

Brian Clough from United Kingdom Reply May 1st, 2008

For all those who are interested the game will kick-off at 21.45pm. Russia or rather Moscow being 3 hours in front of UK time

Fiona Foote from United Kingdom Reply May 1st, 2008

To Dave, don't know kick off time but if it helps we have sky coverage in UK from 6pm

dave from Australia Reply Apr 30th, 2008

any idea what time the game will kick off moscow time??

Andy from United Kingdom Reply Apr 30th, 2008

Personally I can't wait for the final in Moscow. If they held it in the UK it wouldn't be any different from another FA Cup Final. I got my travel arrangements done this month, organise it yourself and it isn't that expensive. I'm staying in a hostel, good central location, and got my visa through with absolutely no problems. I agree MUFC travel is ripping its fans off with its own deals but we've got to support the team, and there are ways to get there without breaking the bank.

kevin bell from United Kingdom Reply Apr 30th, 2008


Fernando Jose Torres from United Kingdom Reply Apr 30th, 2008

I am ready for chelsea tonight, I am looking forward to try my best to score at stamford bridge! !!!Venga en Liverpool!!! Liverpool have won it without me before, so with me it really puts the icing on the victory cake! !Amo hollie! !Usted sabe a quiÈn usted es mi esposa!

Turkish homes from Turkey Reply Apr 30th, 2008

Come on Chelsea

GB from United Kingdom Reply Apr 30th, 2008

Great result last night. Now begging for tickets. Anyone, who has got them, but can't get there, failed visa tests ...etc please contact me.

Liam from United Kingdom Reply Apr 29th, 2008

Go Man United!

SHIRI from Costa Rica Reply Apr 25th, 2008


channiere from United Kingdom Reply Apr 25th, 2008

Now the three of us, Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool have had time to contemplate attending the final I think we should have a collective display of how ludicrous this decision by UEFA really is We have been doing ours sums and without revealing how I'll get there ( if) it will cost me £550 from Manchester inc sharing a twin room for two nights.Then theres a visa and match ticket so say £700. If the Russians wanna play in and host the champions league then there should be a visa on each ticket or drop the visa altogether. I cant understand what these idiots think of. Firstly Leeds fans are murdered in Istanbul and they get the final, next its Rome who have disgraced themselves and the year after its Madrid ( because for tax purposes they cant play at Wembley)Is it that simple to get a top job in the organisation?

Keith from United Kingdom Reply Apr 24th, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo - great penalty taker - NOT!

bluey from Australia Reply Apr 22nd, 2008

To the bloke at uk`smostsuccesfulclubever', you are so deluded its really quite funny. So your history consists of winning the good old European Champions Cup when you had to beat the winners of the Albanian and Cyrpus leagues. Well done! By the way can you just remind of who you had in your team at the time and which of these players were home grown. Sorry, but I didn't realise that Daglish, Souness, Hansen were local Liverpool lads. As for your recent success in the Champions league, not only do you not deserve to be there, but taking any glory from it you actually devalue your 'history'. To suggest that Liverpool fans are best behaved, you obviously been to many away games of your illustrious team. Give my regards to Kermit!!!

The Special One from United Kingdom Reply Apr 22nd, 2008

Go Chelsea!

sammy lee from Albania Reply Apr 16th, 2008

rooney is a're a legend like!! even I hat scousers...since I went to Bolton they called me fat, after everything I did for them winning those titles. We were half decent when everyone was crap, that's why we snook in. At least MUFC are up against decent quality, hats off. scousers are t*****s

phil neal from United Kingdom Reply Apr 16th, 2008

dead right like...I have a chin like a horse coz i'm scouse. Ugly lot of morons aren't we like. Besides, i've seen tommy smith in the shower like and it aint a pretty sight like...

phil thompson from United Kingdom Reply Apr 16th, 2008

dead right, I always thought we scousers were w*****s....dead right like. Especially you, giving us a bad name like that...Rio is hot baby!!

shankley's a pratt from United Kingdom Reply Apr 16th, 2008

Good rant scouse....great to see you can read and write (ooops, sorry maybe you had someone write it for you, definitely not a scouse ha ha). Hey, Aren't you the one whilst your scabby lot were off winning those euro cups, the rest of you scouse scabs were partaking in your usual occupation...thieving ha ha ha. Respect, you wouldn't know what it meant. Remember, you're a scouse, which stands for d*******, ask anyone!!

Rooney is a Manc from United Kingdom Reply Apr 15th, 2008

Ha Ha, a scouser complaining how others have bought the title how ironic because if Rafa beneathus had spent the money on 4 good players instead of 1 i sure you wouldnt be bemoaning it, and as for the respect you think you earn get over yourselves its probably more fear incase you all decide to go on a trampling spree. That rant over the potential for this years cup final is amazing and if two English clubs do make it lets hope all sets of fans behave themselves and do hte country and their clubs proud.

uk`smostsuccesfulclubever from United Kingdom Reply Apr 12th, 2008

77`78`81`84`05,to name just a few famous years for LFC in European Cup history.The club is built on tradition and respect which spans the globe.LFC never have to resort to the arrogant and blinkered views from MUFC fans and staff and squad,where they think you can buy the trophy,just as Abramovich had the same idea and fell short.Message to Rio Ferdinand and Alex Ferguson,you will never ever be shown the respect that is shown to Liverpool Football Club,not if you won it 5 times,not if you won every game that you ever played,because you cannoy buy respect.Another thing Ferdinand,you are lucky to be playing after your drugs test dodge,only you know why you missed the test,the rest of us have a good idea,but you will live with the truth.You`ll never walk alone.

Liver Bird from United Kingdom Reply Apr 11th, 2008

Just because the mancs, gooners and chelski would crawl on broken glass to sniff our 5 EURO CUP TITLES...and the cup we bought home!! Yep we may not win the league but i may well be getting another star tattooed on my back. Jealousy is such a sad emotion! Oh and our fans are not wild just know they pi** all over any other clubs.

Pete from Russia Reply Apr 11th, 2008

Anyone know how to get tickets in Moscow?

Arsene's Wanger from French West Indies and French Guiana Reply Apr 10th, 2008

I'm off to Moscow's Night Flight club and all those Ruskie blondes...Vive La France and where did my Arsenal go...

Roger from United Kingdom Reply Apr 10th, 2008

Chelsea v Barcelona 2 - 1 Chelsea

craig johnstone from Australia Reply Apr 10th, 2008

Concur our day when we played for Liverpool it was half decent, now the Liverpool fans are like a pack of raw prawns giving England a bad name. Man utd for me this year

Tommy Smith from United Kingdom Reply Apr 10th, 2008

Yeah, I played with you and you were c***...although I nagree, Liverpool are up themselves since we were around. Everyone hates them, even I would go for United...

Phil Thompson from United Kingdom Reply Apr 10th, 2008

I played for Liverpool and even I hate them!!! Scousers are arrogant and up themselves, simple! Moscow will sort out the ratbags, go United!

aussie from Australia Reply Apr 10th, 2008

You're kidding....I want Liverpool to get through so United can beat them in the final, logical! What a game, no Liverpool fans will be there as they can't afford it (then again they'll be thieving from Manchester whilst they are away in Moscow!!

brian from Ireland Reply Apr 8th, 2008

just curious??? Does anyone know what time the champions league final will be kicking off at local moscow time?????

gutherzig from Indonesia Reply Apr 8th, 2008

Champions League is LIVERPOOL's Playground. Don't mess with the best, or DIE like the rest. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

William from United States Reply Apr 1st, 2008

um tom, the most successful team who has wont the champions league the most is real madrid. anyway i love Manchester United!!!!!!!!!!!!

A?k?n Erg¸l from Turkey Reply Mar 25th, 2008

To be or not to be. This is FENERBAH«E.

ROMANI from United States Reply Mar 7th, 2008


Adil from Russia Reply Mar 6th, 2008

Waiting our Gunners' victory from Moscow. This is our year.

dandy from Turkey Reply Feb 25th, 2008

Fenerbahce will bring the Cup to Istanbul!

Laz from United Kingdom Reply Feb 21st, 2008

Come on Arsenal. 2008 is our year. I'm so confident I've even gone out bought tickets for the Champions League Final in Moscow already. Should be a great holiday even if the gunners somehow fail to get there...

teekkari from Finland Reply Feb 12th, 2008

Forza Milan!

George from United States Reply Feb 10th, 2008

Chelsea all the way

Daniel Dunlop from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2007

Liverool won't even get through to the next stages LOL ! Pity those poor scousers....NOT. This is United's year......follow follow follow......stand up for the CHAMPIONS !

lee thorneycroft from United Kingdom Reply Nov 5th, 2007

just a reminder to all you man u and liverpool fans that you are gonna lose and chelsea are gonna win

D Gill from United States Reply Oct 17th, 2007

Just to remind all you United fans: You need to pay for your tickets in advance of the 1st knockout stage. Unfortunately, the fee is non-refundable and, should we fail to get to Moscow, I'm afraid you won't be getting your money back.

Rich from United Kingdom Reply Oct 17th, 2007

follow follow follow cuz UNITED are goung to Moscow...... L.U.H.G

Dan B from United Kingdom Reply Aug 31st, 2007

Gotta love the Champions League. 2007 promises to be another great year! Already looking into visas for Moscow

Greg from United Kingdom Reply Jul 16th, 2007

Come on Arsenal! We need some silverware this year... beside i quite fancy a trip to Moscow

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