Moscow Metro Map

Moscow's Metro system is one of the highlights of the city - a far cry from the grotty tube stations of London or New York, Moscow's is more like a subterranean equivalent of the Louvre Museum. Vast hallways, each themed-up in true propaganda style, make the metro a must-see during your stay. Moreover, it's easily the fastest and safest way to get around town. 60 roubles (that's just over 2 USD) will get you a ticket valid for 5 trips of any distance.


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I found an interactive map of moscow subway here

Reply Sep 27th, 2012
rome ortalla

map so small,letters and names can not be read

Reply Aug 30th, 2012

map is so small cannot read the letters, also need one in English

Reply May 5th, 2012

The map is really old and outdated, there is a 2011 version on Wikimedia Commons:

Reply Nov 17th, 2011
United Kingdom

Yes it costs 135 roubles now

Reply Oct 5th, 2011
United States

5 trips cost much more than 60 roubles!

Reply Jun 7th, 2011