Moscow Weather

What's the weather in Moscow like?

When most people think of Moscow they think of a vast metropolis of onion domes and Communists skyscrapers, covered in a three foot blanket of snow and populated by 12 million people wearing furcoats, bravely doing battle with the Siberian winds. It's true that Moscow in winter does look like the giant film set of a Roger Moore Bond flick, or a John Le Carre cold war thriller, with the weather reliably spewing forth blizzards and snow showers on cue, but what most tourists don't foresee is that the weather conditions in Moscow during summer are quite the opposite. Summer in the city can be a sizzling affair, with many locals retreating to the shade of their country houses or their beachside residences by the Crimea. If you need to cool off from the hot weather then why not head to the shade of Gorky Park? If you need to double check the forecast, then our five day weather prediction is right here on Moscow Life!


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