As you might expect in a city the size of Moscow, you are likely to find all the services you need - if you know where to look for them!

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Gruzinskiy Pereulok, 3

1. Liden & Denz

6 reviews
old town

2. Moscow Fast Dating Club

13 reviews
Malyy Patriarshiy Pereulok, 3

3. Expat Salon

5 reviews
ul. 1st Tvesrskaya-Yamskaya 5

4. American Dental

4 reviews
bul. Nikitsky 12

5. Estetik

1 review
ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka 7/5

6. US Dental Care

1 review
pl.Tverskaya Zastava 2

7. Hertz

1 review
per. Grokholsky 31

8. International SOS

0 reviews

9. Study Russian

0 reviews
Partizanskaya ul. 25

10. Personal VIP

0 reviews
Bolshaya Dmitrovka, st 32 / 4

11. Capital Concierge

0 reviews
Leninski prospect, 39/1

12. Yoga Studio Eiyoo

0 reviews
4-ый Добрынинский Переулок, Дом 8, Офис 104

14. Moscow State University

0 reviews
Moscow, Kosygina 15

15. Soho spa

0 reviews

Navigating your way around a foreign metropolis at the best of times can be a bit disorientating, or even daunting; factor in the minus-thirty conditions outside and you're unlikely to want to spend too much time tracking down the only English-speaking doctor in town. Best then to check our directory from the comfort of your own home and get that all-important address before you set off - or you'll soon be adding pneumonia to your list of complaints!

Reviews about Services

As an expat I have been visiting the fabulous girls at Expat Salon for 2 years now. I can highly recommend this salon from the English speaking staff who are always there to help you,to the very professional hairdressers who always want to do the very best for you and take great pride in their creations. thank you for your wonderful care and attention and all the little extra services you give always with a lovely smile!

Expat Salon

Been there yesterday, the service is good, really liked the color and waxing. Ladies were very nice and friendly

United Kingdom,
Expat Salon

Yes I m interested . I m visiting moscow and saint petersburg as on date 25 Aug - 30 Aug 2017.

Moscow Fast Dating Club

Unprofessional. They either get lost in translation which is bad for a salon dedicated to expats OR they their expertise is questionable which is even worse for a salon. Especially when it comes to hair services. Messing the colors, pulling your hair and so on. And all this for an insane amount of money. I do not recommend.

Expat Salon

I've been studying at Liden&Denz for more than 3 months and I'm fully satisfied of my experience. The staff is always ready to help and the teachers do their best to meet all your needs. Classrooms are composed by no more than 10 people in order to create the right environment to practice and to develop your language skills. My russian improved a lot and I met fantastic people from all over the world. I can say that this school is like a second home for me now and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to come to study russian in Moscow!!

Liden & Denz

I spent 4 weeks with this school and would strongly recommend it! Great atmosphere and bright tutors. Administrative staff are helpful and have sorted out all of my queries and problems. This school has the great advantage of being run as a western business and not as a public educational institution.

United Kingdom,
Liden & Denz

I would like to join your club if it is possiblle

Moscow Fast Dating Club

I like speed dating.But I have to leave this party in the first ten minutes (the so named FLIRT PARTY ON 17TH OF MAY ).Of course I requested my mone back.What happend ? I came after most people.I saw pairs of two at every table but there were also some men sitting alone.I thought their counterparts would come.The hostes wanted me to sit at one of the pairs tablei.I asked if this was appropriate(?)I sit down and the expat guy from Holland is *very rightgeous-nervous about this.He was already flirting with the lady but now disturbed.He said : This is not how speed dating works in Europe and America.He was totally right.Later the event begins they want the men to sit at one of the ladies tables.But men are waaay too much.So first I sat at a nice ladies table,began to try to communicate with her.We only have 5 minutes and I my Russian is poor.At the second minute a Russian guy sits at our table and wants to flirt with the same lady I do ??? He say too me why did you come here do you not have nice women at home ( as if we do not have one million Russian people at our home, men or woman)This is what happent more men are attending the event and the organization accepts any number of people regardless of the balance of men or woman.So do not go to this event do not let your friends go unless they correct their service.It is not nice to date or flirt in threesome

United States,
Moscow Fast Dating Club

April 14th Flirt Party: Meet "The One" in Five Minutes! Flirt Party: Meet "The One" in Five Minutes! We invite you to join us for a fast-paced evening of meeting new singles, enjoying great drinks, and non-stop laughter! At this Flirt Party you’ll enjoy speed dating but with a twist! Here’s how it works: when you arrive, we will seat you. Every few minutes, we will have you rotate and meet someone new. During this Flirt Party, boredom is not an option! When the final round is over you will mix, mingle and dance! Enjoyment and excitement is the name of the game at this event! Numbers are limited at this event so sign up soon! When: Sat, April 14th 2012 from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Where: Nightclub “Alibi” m.Turgenievskaya, Ascheulov Lane bld.9 Who: Ladies 22-37yo/Men 24-42yo Call +7-926-610-1095 to register or book your ticket on-line

Moscow Fast Dating Club

SPEED DATING ADVANTAGES Time-efficient – ideal for singles, that lead a busy life in Moscow. Structured interaction eliminates awkward situations. Comfortable atmosphere to meet interesting people. Where else can you meet 20 new dates in just 2 hours? 7th March Wednesday 7 pm: Nightclub “Alibi” m.Turgenievskaya, Ascheulov Lane bld.9 17th March Saturday 6 pm: Restaurant “Exedra” m. Kitai-gorod, Slavianskaya sq bld 2 24th March Saturday 6 pm: Nightclub “Alibi” m.Turgenievskaya, Ascheulov Lane bld.9 31st of March Saturday 6 pm:Club “Schwein” m. Baumanskaya, Lefortovsky lane 12/50 Speed Dating events happen twice a month and spaces are limited. So don’t delay! Cost: 1700 rubles. For more information please call 89266101095 or visit

Moscow Fast Dating Club