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max. 18°C min. 9°C


max. 19°C min. 9°C


max. 16°C min. 10°C


max. 14°C min. 7°C


max. 13°C min. 8°C

What's the weather in Berlin like?

The weather in Berlin is what you might expect from mainland continental Europe, with what can be very cold winters - with temperatures often dipping below zero, and frost and snow common - but equally with hot and sunny summers. During the latter, temperatures can get up to thirty degrees and tourists may want to slap on the factor fifteen and head out to the lakes and forests in the West of Berlin. However bear in mind summer is also the rainiest season in Berlin, so if you're heading out to Germany in July and August you might want to back your umbrella too. Whenever you're coming to town, don't chance it - check out our five day forecast of the weather conditions in Berlin and you'll be sure to arrive suitably prepared! Berlin enjoys pleasant, sunny summers when days are long and temperatures can sometimes exceed 86?F (30?C), particularly in July and August. However the summer months are also unpredictable, and odd days can rapidly change from sunshine to cloud. Winter weather in Berlin, by contrast, is bitterly cold and damp, with plentiful snow and frosty days when temperatures hover at or just below freezing. Rain can fall all year round, but the wettest months are June and August, and the driest on average October and February.


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MICHELE KENDALL from South Africa Reply May 25th, 2017

Be in Berlin in 1 month time. Last visit 2005 for my gran' s funeral. Now big family reunion and I can show my husband and children new and old Berlin. So excited.

iqbal sherlyaat from Pakistan Reply Feb 22nd, 2013

it is amazing that the weather condition in Berlin is same as that we have in Gilgit Baltistan hope it will improve till my arrival in Berlin 5th March 2013 i have plane to attend the Messe Berlin coming next month.

M@Y@R from Israel Reply Mar 18th, 2012

I'm so excited .. I'm going to Berlin on June 26th and I'll get back on July 7th ... Hope it will be hot and warm .. I'm preparing my self for spending a wonderful summer in Berlin with my friends .. Can't wait wish it will be the best warm summer ever ;D

jeff from Germany Reply Nov 30th, 2011

CRIME: Violent crime is rare in Germany, but can occur, especially in larger cities or high-risk areas such as train stations. There have been several reports of aggravated assault against U.S. citizens in higher-risk urban areas. However, most incidents of street crime involve the theft of unattended items and pick-pocketing. Compare to this: More detailed reports are available in the interweb, but basically you are spouting rubbish.

jeff from Germany Reply Nov 30th, 2011

@jim watson Racist much? In the KKK? Moron Berlin is great, multicultural, interesting, green, open, great summers, snow in winter. I love it

jim watson from United States Reply Nov 8th, 2011

berlin use to be a nice place.since fall of the wall[1990] it became city of tramps,junkies and turks.crime rates in berlin comparebale only to those in detroit and always horrible.very cold winters and unpleasantly hot and huimid summers.

JC from Sweden Reply Jul 23rd, 2011

I´m in Berlin right now 2011-07-23. Perfect weather to go and see around.

MJ from United States Reply Jul 1st, 2011

I go to Berlin July 15 2011 to bewith my greatest not care what the weather..

john from Malta Reply May 16th, 2011

So from sunny Malta I will go to Berlin next Saturday come what may!!

from Spain Reply Apr 14th, 2011

can't wiat to reach berliiin!!! no puedo esperar berlin aya voooy!!!

Clar Ni Chnaimhsi from Ireland Reply Feb 17th, 2011

We going to Berlin Tues to Thursday of next week! Looking forward to it! The last time I was there was in 1988! Big changes in Berlin since! I have to get organised on the Tour Bus! Any advice?

Zoya from Russia Reply Jan 19th, 2011

Going to Berlin to meet my dearest friend..can't imagine that moment we will meet...

haiji from Japan Reply Jan 12th, 2011

going to Berlin for my friend's wedding from on 28 January to 6 Feburaly. will be third time. just decided what to wear for the wedding. hope it won't be so cold.

Despoina from Greece Reply Jan 7th, 2011

even the cold, cant wait get there in 3 days!! :):)

alex duszko from Australia Reply Jan 5th, 2011

Thanks for the heads up!

Kari from Finland Reply Jan 5th, 2011

Can't wait to get in Berlin!

cinzia from Italy Reply Jan 3rd, 2011

I will come in Berlin from 5 to 10 January, can't wait to visit this wonderful city, hoping it won't be too cold!!!

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Jan 2nd, 2011

My wife and I will be visiting Berlin on 7th January, can't wait :-)

Raph from United States Reply Jan 1st, 2011

I'm busy packing for my trip to Berlin, and will be arriving on 7 January~ As cold as the place will be, I'm sure the people will warm me up! Getting organized and getting excited!

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Dec 30th, 2010

Coming to Berlin mid January. Haven't been there since 1992 - can't wait to see the place again and have more currywurst!

Marianne from Greece Reply Dec 30th, 2010

Me and my bf will be visiting berlin for 4 days starting on the 6th of January.. Hopefully.. we wont have any delays or cancellations due to weather conditions! Cant wait to visit your beautiful city..

JeePee from Netherlands Reply Dec 28th, 2010

31st december 2010....not to cold...going to the brandenburger tor! Great artists live! hermes house band, greatest party band ever!! and many others!!!

kevin leek from United Kingdom Reply Dec 27th, 2010

Im coming to Berlin on 6th January with my girlfriend Rachel ,and just can't wait !!

Kate from Australia Reply Dec 26th, 2010

in Berlin at the moment. -5C and fabulous at this time of year. Weather forces you indoors for more delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream. The markets are full of christmas cheer.

Ivan from Croatia Reply Dec 26th, 2010

I am coming at 19.january, hope the weather will be warm. My wife just bought a hat.

TASOS from Greece Reply Dec 5th, 2010


gökhan from Turkey Reply Dec 1st, 2010

I will be in Berlin on the 14 of January 2011, this will be my first travel to Europe, as i see also it will be the coldest one :)

Enid from United Kingdom Reply Nov 27th, 2010

just returned from Berlin it was a wonderful 2 days at the fabulous Christmas markets at Alex.Weather icy cold,snow, windy, but great fun.I love BERLIN

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