The Love is back...

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What kind of cynical, pessimistic folk could ever have written off the Love Parade... Ok, ok, we admit it! The Berlin Life team thought that the Love Parade had had its last dance back in 2003, but we've never been so happy to announce that we were totally wrong! The world-famous event promoting music, tolerance and free love is back on the streets of Germany - so dust off your fluorescent pink furry leg warmers and get ready to party...

The Love Parade 2011

The Love Parade event has now been suspended until further notice

The Love Parade 2010

The Love Parade 2010, which took place in Duisburg, was attended by tragedy. Our deepest sympathies to all who lost their lives.

The Love Parade 2009

The Love Parade 2009, which was set to take place at Bochum, has unfortunately been cancelled. Let's hope things look up for 2010 in Duisburg!

The Love Parade 2008

The Love Parade did indeed make a triumphant return to Berlin in 2006, but it was a short-lived comeback as far as the capital was concerned at least. Berlin city authorities and event organisers couldn't come to an agreement in time and instead the LP signed up for a five year deal to be held in various cities of the industrial Ruhr district in the West of Germany. So no Berlin bacchanalia in 2008, but rather the debauchery moves to Dortmund.

The Love Parade 2008 in Dortmund promises to be no less fun than previous editions of the world's biggest street party, and the date for your diaries is the 19th July if you're thinking of booking flights and making travel and accommodation arrangements. We'll be updating this page with some more info on the DJs and other details as soon as our spies report in...

The Love Parade 2007

Yes, it is happening! But unfortunately not in Berlin... The Love Parade organisers were unable to come to an agreement with the powers that be in Berlin, and so began the search for another city to host the event. After some wheeling and dealing they have proudly announced a five year plan to host the Love Parade in the Ruhr District of Germany. A vast connurbation of 5.3 million inhabitants the Ruhr will divide up the hosting duties, with each of its most prominent cities taking it in turns to put on the event. Essen is the host for 2007, and the date for your diaries is the 28th August - so not long now! Time to wet your whistle and put on your best dancing shoes!

So far for Essen 2007, Booka Shade, Chris Liebing, Loco Dice, Bad Boy Bill, ATM and Westbam have signed up as the main acts with many more sure to follow. You can get more news and info at the official Love Parade website.

Meanwhile you can read more about the history of the Love Parade by going to our 'The Death of Dance...?' article.

And finally, if you are stuck in Berlin this summer then fear not - there's plenty of techno happening in the city. Berghain Club continues to go from strength to strength whilst the legendary Tresor has reared its ugly head once more! Check out more in our Berlin bars and club section!

The Love Parade 2006

With the aptly named title for the year 'The Love is back', the Love Parade once again stormed the streets of the German capital in 2006 to the delight of house, techno and trance fans the world over. Thanks to the sponsors, McFits, the funds were raised that allow the event to pay for itself. Self-funding is a key requirement of the Love Parade's existence ever since the German government won a court ruling against the organisers about who should pay for security and the clean-up (can't say that we blame the government on that one!). With the money raised however, nothing could stop the Love returning in 2006.

Review of 2006

2006 truly was a special year for Berlin as, instead of empty streets this July 15th, the city was witness to the biggest street party on the planet with 1.2 million turning out to listen to music, dance like crazy, and take the odd mind-bending chemical or two.

Who was there? Well - apart from the 1.2 million mentioned - some familiar faces also turned up to ensure this was no damp squib of a comeback. Dance legends like Paul Van Dyke, Westbam, ATB and Tiesto were two-a-penny on the floats. And although naturally most of the floats were representing the Germany masseeve it was a nice surprise to see neighbours Poland chip in with the SubstanzArt:Pl float from Wroclaw, led by Angelo Mike, and it was a treat too to see the Baltic State's own Baltic Groove Union float. Needless to say DJs from the UK and Ibiza didn't miss out on the action either! So was the party a success? Let's hand it over to Berlin's very own mayor, Klaus Wowereit, for the final word.

"...Berlin is the number one city for music in Germany, a fact that was impressively proven once again. The Loveparade is experiencing a renaissance? Unbelievable!"


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Парад любви ( англ. Love Parade ) — один из крупнейших технопарадов в мире, проходящий в июле в Германии. С 1989 по 2006 годы проводился в Берлине, с 2007 — в различных городах Рурского региона. Парады 2004 и 2005 в Берлине и 2009 в Бохуме были отменены.

Reply May 26th, 2019

The parade was held on the Berlin Kurfurstendamm (avenue) until 1996. Because of overcrowding on the Kurfurstendamm, the festival moved to the Stra?e des 17. Juni in the Gro?er Tiergarten park in the center of Berlin. The festival became centered around the

Reply May 15th, 2019

Парад любви ( англ. Love Parade ) — один из крупнейших технопарадов в мире, проходящий в июле в Германии. С 1989 по 2006 годы проводился в Берлине, с 2007 — в различных городах Рурского региона. Парады 2004 и 2005 в Берлине и 2009 в Бохуме были отменены.

Reply May 13th, 2019
Monica Felcser
United Kingdom

It sounds lovely

Reply May 16th, 2017

Berlin is not the same without the Love Parade.... we will never forget it !

Reply May 26th, 2015

the love parade is for ever!!! love and music!!

Reply May 30th, 2013
rinehard wagner
United Kingdom

ja germany the best many good dj lexy and k paul and westbam etc very nice people too any thing goes plus good music

Reply May 3rd, 2013
United States

One of my life goals is to attend a love parade in Germany before I die. I'm 21 now. Please Germans, make it happen

Reply Nov 14th, 2011
United States

I just wanted to mention that my Love Parade experience in 2001 was literally life altering. I could attest that there was no greater concentration of enjoyment and universal love than at the center of Berlin at that time. In general, we live in a world of greed, selfishness, and economic uncertainty. Events such as the Love Parade contribute to the progress of humanity in a positive direction. I give my heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families. However, I urge Berlin to resume the event, even if the name is different in honor of the victims.

Reply Nov 10th, 2011
United Kingdom

Since being a teenager, I've always wanted to go to the Love Parade, with friends in Poland telling me about the event and watching it on tv every summer.. Please, please say that I can finally go this year in summer 2011?!!! When is it?

Reply Mar 8th, 2011
Suzie Dsouza
United States

Love Parade is an annual event, a festival of electronic dance music, which was first held at West Berlin, Germany back in 1989. This years Love parade is announced on July 2011, at: Duisburg, Germany. There will be Hip-hop, explosion of techno, house, trance, rap and fringe. With the Love Parade, Love’s in the air in Duisburg.

Reply Mar 7th, 2011

the love parade is for ever!!! love and music!!

Reply Feb 18th, 2011

pls can anyone tell me about the next love parade... i need the dates....

Reply Dec 8th, 2010

check out our loveparade pictures:

Reply Jul 28th, 2010
United States

I feel bad for the victims. But looking at those photos - a lot of stupidity compressed into a small area. Probably drugs involved. If youth would behave properly, it would have not gotten out of control. They induced the panic themselves. No one else did, especially not the City of Duisburg and its mayor.

Reply Jul 27th, 2010
Jenny B
United States

Everyone should get naked!

Reply Jul 26th, 2010

It was never happened in berlin, The people can away on all sides.

Reply Jul 26th, 2010

24/7 would have had happend if the Love Parade was in Berlin :´(

Reply Jul 26th, 2010
United States

OK - 15 dead people. Wait till they close the place down. All the live camera feeds have been shut down. Good luck.

Reply Jul 24th, 2010

BTW It's this weekend !!!! 24 juli 2010!

Reply Jul 21st, 2010

Hopefully the Love parade WILL return to the HOUSE capitol of the world Berlin. I have visited Berlin 5 times for the love parade and since then every love parade outside Berlin. But believe me, the Love Parade IS Berlin!! Hope it will come home again in 2012. Berlin wir liebe dich!

Reply Jul 21st, 2010
United States

I heard of love parade from a movie and ever since just read and seen through youtube. I love the fact is a hugh street party with every body having fun and dancing. It reminds me of song from dj tiesto call Dance 4 life love that track he is one of favorite dj. god a question how do get involve or dj at the events? I have been djing for over 12 years and love music that is one the main reason why I got into djing. Please send info about my question will defenetally appreciate it.

Reply Jul 5th, 2010

I see people from all around the world on this topic.. it may be an amazing party! I'm very curious about the parade.. wanting to go! :)

Reply Jun 23rd, 2010

i am adil frm pakistan 03008779596

Reply Jun 19th, 2010

it was cool me and my boy friend made out!!

Reply May 24th, 2010

its on 10th july 2010

Reply May 8th, 2010

Does anyone know the dates of Duisburg Love Parade of this year?? Please

Reply Apr 7th, 2010

i was in berlin on love parade 2002 and 2004.. bring it back to berlin!

Reply Mar 11th, 2010
khemaissia mohammed

i hope that i go but they will not give me the fokken visa

Reply Dec 17th, 2009
khemaissia mohammed

i hope that i go but they will not give me the fokken visa

Reply Dec 17th, 2009

Berlin will never be the same until Loveparade has came....Love Parade won't be Love Parade until it come back to Berlin.

Reply Nov 30th, 2009
United States

Any word on the date for 2010 in Duisburg? With the Gay Games happening in Cologne during the first week of August, I hope the planners are taking advantage of the crowd coming from all over the world.

Reply Nov 17th, 2009

It's an amazing experience - i want to go there so bad :). I think that the parade belongs to Berlin,it has no place in any other city in the world.

Reply Nov 13th, 2009
Byron Burke
United States

I was in the 1996 love parade on the Airport nightclub float and it was great! The House Music Channel plans on being involved in the next event

Reply Oct 9th, 2009
United States

LOVEPARADE ONLY IN BERLIN berlin is lovely city for loveparade culture,streets-ONLY BERLIN PLEASE NEXT LOVEPARADE return to BERLIN

Reply Oct 3rd, 2009


Reply Sep 20th, 2009
jesus cedeno

hell ya!

Reply Aug 26th, 2009

Well, at least we have the pentagonik "fiesta" from oct 1st till oct 4th. I´ts not love parade but you´ll get things done.

Reply Jul 23rd, 2009
United States

please bring it back to berlin!! i'm making my first trip to europe in 2011 and this has always been at the top of my list to do!!!

Reply Jul 1st, 2009
United Kingdom

Berlin is the ONLY real place for the LOVE PARADE...plesae. please bring it back... such a cool, crazy event

Reply May 28th, 2009
joe riley
United Kingdom

im only 13 but i want to go im doing this as part of my german work and now im really interested

Reply May 21st, 2009

Love Parade 2009 - Cancelled. Oh Well. There's Always Next Year!

Reply May 7th, 2009
United States

Good god, the year I'm near too! I'll be here next year, so they better have it then!

Reply May 4th, 2009
dj dipo

thats very wonderful festival (iam dj i hope to join &play music in love parade what can i do to join )

Reply Apr 14th, 2009

we were there in Dortmund in 2008... we will be there in Bochum in 2009

Reply Mar 11th, 2009
United States

is there an age limit on the love parade? i hope to go but am just 8 months short of 18.

Reply Mar 5th, 2009
United States

The love parade for 09 has been cancelled no?

Reply Mar 4th, 2009

i would really love to know dates for this year 2009 because im really keent o check out the love parade

Reply Feb 28th, 2009
South Korea

Ill be there 4 sure lol!!

Reply Feb 27th, 2009

im coming for this year love parade...someone..somebody...come and join da band wagon.....

Reply Feb 5th, 2009
United Kingdom

Hope its the week after the 19th july or else im screwed ...

Reply Jan 15th, 2009

.. hello to summer on 18.07.2009 in Bochum to a Love Parade to be this whole Romania .... we meet there ...

Reply Dec 26th, 2008
United Kingdom

Good Write ups. When will 2009 be confirmed. I'm itching to get my 30th b'day set-up!

Reply Dec 26th, 2008

without review

Reply Dec 23rd, 2008

i would like to know about dates to 2009 also...

Reply Dec 18th, 2008
New Zealand

Have the dates been confirmed for the Loveparade 2009 in Bochum?

Reply Dec 14th, 2008

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Reply Dec 14th, 2008

This is very very fool !!!! imagine that young Children see this photos !!!!!! really anything these sites

Reply Nov 21st, 2008
oren williams
United States

hay wutz up guys or girls the love parade iz huge and fun you could find love there like i did

Reply Nov 19th, 2008
goth girl
United States

the love parade is my life i cant live with out it if i dn't go to it i'll die so i better see u there next time peace out man

Reply Nov 18th, 2008
Michael H

One huge Rave! 2009 cant come quick enough

Reply Nov 7th, 2008
United States

when the love parade be in belgim? is it worth it to come all the way from tennessee?

Reply Oct 10th, 2008
South Africa


Reply Oct 10th, 2008

-guess, this berlin love parade will always remain as a dream that so hard to be for real. I envy you guys who got the chance to witness & enjoy this marvelous event. Wish i could be there for once! Well,wish you all the luck to those pipz who wants to experience the awesome love parade! Spread love guys! MAHAL KO KAYO!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Sep 20th, 2008
Chris White

I was just wondering if this was a parade of love (hence the name) or a party like kind of rave. Also, when is the next one and how do I get there? thanks :) -Chris

Reply Sep 16th, 2008

loveparade....... crazy,sexy,marvellous!

Reply Sep 10th, 2008

i was at the love parade 2008! that was freaking awesome!!

Reply Sep 5th, 2008

wonderfool wonderfool. it'smy dream togothere

Reply Sep 4th, 2008

this is stupid

Reply Sep 1st, 2008
matt gold

I want to go to the 09 love parade how do i find out about it.

Reply Aug 27th, 2008
New Zealand

I'm from NZ and I've been dreaming of going to the Love Parade for ages and i plan to go in a couple years time with friends when i've saved enough $$ I'd love to have some feedback on what others think of it

Reply Aug 19th, 2008

it not very bad but it could be better like pakistani they also could be better but we should give them a chance

Reply Aug 4th, 2008
United States

PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Jul 28th, 2008

check out some pictures of the loveparade 2008 at

Reply Jul 20th, 2008
asa williams
United Kingdom

im 20 years of age and wish to go to the 2009 love perade and tips

Reply Jul 17th, 2008

do it in good not disturb others.

Reply Jul 15th, 2008

We need a Love Parade in Singapore !

Reply Jul 12th, 2008

This is my frist travel to the Europe and i'm surely making it to the love parade'08 in Dortmund...would love to met people from all over the gobal and spread love n light! RespecT! shanti shanti!

Reply Jul 10th, 2008
Daniella Anastassiades
United Kingdom

I cannot wait for my first ever Love Parade!

Reply Jul 10th, 2008

Hi? I was in loveparade 2006, from Spain, THE BEST OF MY LIFE. Bye.

Reply Jun 30th, 2008
spud and moon
United Kingdom

i am so looking forward for this great triumphant event, its so nice that it makes me feel soo good inside.. ii cantt wait to come. i came last year and met a boy..who i married in vegas. see you soon..he has a schlong =]=]

Reply Jun 26th, 2008
spud and moon
United Kingdom

i cant wait for this great truimphant makes me feel so good inside..

Reply Jun 26th, 2008
Leah M
United States

Traveling from LA... I'll be coming from Amsterdam to this Love Parade!!! Let the PARTY BEGIN!

Reply Jun 24th, 2008

Nieuwegein is er weer bij dit jaar zoals elk jaar knallenNIEUWEGEIN AAN DE LEK DAS PAS GEK. love parade 2008 Dortmund here we come

Reply Jun 23rd, 2008
United States

I can not go this year but next year I am. =] if anyone has any information about the one in 2009 can you please tell me. I just need to know when it is and where it is. thanks peace.

Reply Jun 22nd, 2008
United Kingdom

booked everything in february. Going for a week. coming all the way from Northern Ireland :D ordered our costumes yesterday- may as well go all out for whats gonna be the best experience of everyones life. ssee you all there x

Reply Jun 22nd, 2008
United Kingdom

The Loveparade was always a free so i guess this one must be :)

Reply Jun 13th, 2008
United Kingdom

Hey, just wondering if you have to book tickets for the Love Parade? Do you have to pay money to attend it or is it free to be there? Please let me know x

Reply Jun 13th, 2008

Have booked flights and can't wait.. What hostels do you recommend in the area or close by? Already booked a hostel in Berlin, didn't realise the Love Parade had a new location.

Reply Jun 11th, 2008
United Kingdom

where do we stay? what streets is the parade on? need more info on this asap!! cheers

Reply Jun 1st, 2008

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