Popkomm Festival

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The world's largest music fair has been a prime feature of Berlin's calendar since 2004 when the city sneakily stole the event from Cologne. In fact Popkomm started life in Dusseldorf way back in 1989 - the year the Wall went down - and has since grown into the industry's most important and most exciting event. Finding its spiritual home in Berlin, Popkomm offers much more than a chance for music bigwigs to exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends at the Popkomm exhibition and conference... It provides the good people of Berlin the chance to go crazy during the accompanying Popkomm Festival and Clubnacht!

Every year during the Popkomm festival hundreds of bands arrive in the German capital to plug their latest sounds. Refreshingly these bands are rarely the big names whose albums and b-sides we already know back-to-front, but the up-and-coming talents from Europe and still further abroad.

Virtually every cool club and bar in the capital will turn into a concert venue, hosting several performances every night for what in 2010 will be a three-day extravaganza. And that's not all folks, because, on the fourth and final day of Popkomm, Berlin's clubs join hands and offer party-goers the inimitable nightlife experience that is Clubnacht. During this madcap event around thirty nightclubs or more will be accessible to anyone purchasing a single reasonably-priced ticket. So if you always wanted to explore Berlin's nightlife, now's you chance to do a whirlwind tour!

Click here for more info on Popkomm 2010, or head straight to the Popkomm offical website.


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Bring on Popkomm Festival 2007. I was there a couple of years back and i'm all set for a triumphant return... Berlin baby, it's where it's at!

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