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Do you want to work with Zagreb Life? posted by zebra-media

Self motivated people required to run travel websites in the following cities: Berlin, Gdansk, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga… [Read more]

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Where's good to drink? posted by Mariusz

Hi. I'm looking for some good watering holes in the city, maybe where there's the occasional live band or two. Can anyone recommend a place or two? Cheers. [Read more]

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Grooves in the City posted by JoJo2000

I'm heading to Zagreb for a long, lazy weekend and want to know what nightclubs to check out. I'm really into Indie music. Any tips? Cheers! [Read more]

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biking in Zagreb posted by patti123

I will be vising the city this spring and would like to spend as much time biking around the city. Is Zagreb bike-friendly? Are there trails? Is it easy to buy… [Read more]

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spa in zagreb posted by michel

Hello. I will be visiting Zagreb again soon with my wife. Does anyone know of any good spas I can go with my wife, or any health & massage centre? Thank you. [Read more]

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best tourist spots in Zageb? posted by michel

What should I check out first and what is overhyped? Any help from past visitors or locals would be appreciated!! Thanks! [Read more]

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best lounge/bar in zagreb posted by michel

Hi all! I've only got a few days in Zagreb before heading off to the coast... any suggestions on places to relax with a cocktail and listen to some chill beats? [Read more]

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gay Zagreb posted by yugohugo

Hey, I'm writing an article on gay/lesbian issues in Zagreb and Croatia. I was hoping some locals might give me the lowdown on gay nightlife in Zagreb, but… [Read more]

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