Stag Weekends in Wroclaw

If you're looking for the latest hotspot to celebrate yours or your mates stag weekend then pat yourself on the back! Despite being relatively unknown Wroclaw has got all the essential ingredients for a sensational stag weekend, including an amazing array of bars and nightclubs, fantastically cheap beer and vodka, and - most importantly - some of the most stunning women on the planet!

More manageable than the sprawling metropolis of Warsaw and less conservative than ultra-Catholic Krakow, Wroclaw makes a great choice of Polish destination to celebrate your last night of freedom - and it's not just its Polski rivals that Wroclaw has the edge over! Poland's fourth largest city boasts splendid architecture and dynamic nightlife that more than match more touted stag destinations, such as Tallinn, Riga and Ljubljana - and the fact that it remains relatively discovered can only work in your favour. Marriage proposals from grown men dressed as Fred Flintstone are still strangely attractive to the good citizens of Wroclaw... So why don't you stag it up in Wroclaw???

Once you've decided that Wroclaw is the place for you, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We know the city better than we know our favourite dirty mag and we'll make sure you get the best out of your stag weekend with activities such as quads, shooting and paintball, plus the best out of the Wroclaw nightlife with insiders tips on the best bars and clubs. As well as an action packed itinerary we can also sort out your accommodation and airport transfers. So fill in the form on this page and then sit back and relax!

All the mayhem is organised through our Crazy comrades - check out their website here: Wroclaw Stag Weekends.