Health Services in Warsaw

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Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79

1. LIM Medical Center

4 reviews
Al. Jana Pawła II 82

2. Enel-Med

2 reviews
ul. Gilarska 86c

3. Enel-Med

0 reviews

Reviews about Health Services in Warsaw

Clean, professional service


unfortunately, the central office where you book doctor appointments is very unhelpful and the call center people should not work there. I called exactly 6 times to get some information, was put on hold for a very long time several times and did not get the info I wanted in the end anyway. Wasted time and money. Got annoyed with their rude staff.

LIM Medical Center

If you are in Warsaw and need medical attention this is the place to go. It's in the Marriott hotel building. You find the whole set up very efficient and well run and clean and tidy. For example I have had a health check there for about £50. This involved a single blood sample being taken one day, and then the results available for the following day in print out giving the results of a wide range of tests. In the UK, you would struggle to convince the doctor why you wanted such a check, and have to go through several visits to get the sample taken and then finally get the results - and even then they probably wouldn't give you the results on a print out.

United Kingdom,
LIM Medical Center

Went for a check-up here and paid far, far less than I would in the States without insurance. Doctor was friendly too, though we had a few miscommunications, mostly due to my lack of medical terms in Polish. Overall, recommended!

United States,

Sometimes when they say the doctor speaks English, and you actually arrive at the doctor, he or she can barely string a sentence together. Best to go by recommendations from others for taht sort of thing.

LIM Medical Center

You can ask for an English speaking doctor! Very useful number to know.

United Kingdom,
LIM Medical Center