International Restaurants in Warsaw

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at homes right across the city

1. Eataway

43 reviews
Al. Jana Pawla II 23

2. 99 Restaurant

23 reviews
ul. Racławicka 99

3. Balsam

8 reviews
ul. Boleslawa Prusa 2

4. SomePlace Else

3 reviews
ul.Chlodna 48

5. Po Prostu Cafe

7 reviews
Rynek Starego Miasta 15

6. Stacja Rynek

6 reviews
ul. Foksal 16

7. Papaya

5 reviews
ul. Freta 39

8. Galeria Freta

4 reviews
ul. Marszalkowska 140

9. Cztery Pory

3 reviews
al. Jerozolimskie 42

10. Sphinx

22 reviews
ul. Konopnickiej 6

11. Buffo

1 review
ul. Okolska 2

12. Boston Port

1 review
ul. Ks. I. Klopotowskiego 33

13. Babalu

2 reviews
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 42/44

14. Marconi Restaurant

0 reviews
pl. Teatralny 1

15. La Boheme

0 reviews
Chłodna 15

16. La Maison

0 reviews

Reviews about International Restaurants in Warsaw

The evening was just FANTASTIC. The food was definitely top of the line Indian dishes (Mughlai chicken curry and Dal Makhani (hearty Black Lentil thick soup) with a side of Indian bread (roti) and flavorful basmati rice. All very delicately and expertly prepared -we were delighted! We ended up finger licking toward the end and it was difficult to stop ourselves from going for 4th helpings!!! Our host Samar also played some beautiful Indian lounge music on his iPad throughout the evening. All 6 guests had an amazing time - Talking, laughing, sharing experiences of Indian food and travels to India.


Natalia cooked a wonderful lunch! I am quite picky with food but the meal she prepared was delicious from the beginning till the end. That Vanilla mousse is to die for! I'm looking forward to her next meal, hopefully a nice dinner!


Pewnego dnia postanawiasz iść na kolację w zupełnie nowe miejsce. Tam spotykasz cudownych ludzi i dodatkowo dostajesz przepyszne jedzenie. Po kilku wizytach okazuje się, iż Ci wspaniali ludzie zostają na dłużej i tak zaczyna się coś zupełnie nowego. Dla wszystkich, którzy chcą nowych doznań kulinarnych i nowych ludzi nie ma lepszego miejsca niż mieszkanie Kasi i Jacka.


Yet another fantastic dinner at Kasia's wonderful, warm and cosy place! Delicious risotto, interesting Danish mussels and fantastic cheesecake which is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth but also for those who prefer a bit milder desserts. It was my.... 5th ot 6th dinner but the first time when there were 15 of us! However, the atmosphere was so joyful, entertaining and fun that we nearly ended up going for a party! :D Hope one day we will! :D Or organise some crazy disco at Kasia's place, how about that, huh? :P


The dinner in Kasia's place is amazing mix the perfect food and great atmosphere!! I totally reccomend to go there and try it oneself!


Kasia's best meal yet! The risotto was amazing, as was the cheesecake and mussels and everything else. Really a knock-out! Great food, great company, great atmosphere.


Jak zawsze było przepyszne jedzenie, cudowna atmosfera i najlepsza na świecie gospodyni. Takie składniki dają niezapomniany wieczór i mnóstwo energii na cały tydzień.


Yet another great dinner. This time Kasia spoilt us with some real haute cuisine... Excellent Risotto and delicious mussels ending with her signature Salted Caramel Cheesecake. More than just a great chef, a friend cooking for friends. You will not be able to go to her dinners 'just' once.


It was such a pleasure to be again at Kasia's dinner. Super food, delicious and tasty!!! And again so many so great and lovable persons! It was nice to be there :)


Guilty pleasures of course, food, drinks delicious, evening so funny, see lovely friends again and nice new people, wonderful host, a must go place in warsaw for sure, Anytime, Kasia rocks the kitchen!