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Editor's review

Sphinx Restaurants promise good cuisine in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Their meals come in big portions at reasonable prices, and you'll recognize each restaurant from its characteristic interiors. In addition, each restaurant tries to offer unique specials and regional menus. Besides their location on al. Jerozolimskie, they have several other restaurants in Warsaw's centre, including in the shopping centres Arkadia and Golden Terraces, ul. Nowy Swiat 40, Al. Solidarnosci 117, ul. Szpitalna 1, and ul. Swietokrzyska 35.

Editor & Warsaw Local


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the pizza was good, and the soup. the steak was a disaster thought, order something else.

Reply Jun 9th, 2014

Hi, I went to Sphinx last month in Warsaw, shopping center Promenada. Except delicious and economical food, I will never forget the waiter called Konrad. I would like to learn more about him. If you have any info about him, please write down.. and of course, if he is personally reading this, write meeeeee...

Reply Sep 17th, 2010
United States

If you stay at the OKI DOKI HOSTEL in Warsaw, they have a community kitchen there. After eating at Sphinx a couple of times, I would visit the grocery market and pick up eggs, milk, cheese,etc... and make omlets with fried potatoes. The cafeteria in the Odessa Ukraine shopping mall tasted so much better to me than Sphinx did. As far as prices are concened while in Warsaw, it's difficult to find an easily affordable meal that raises the gastronomic bar. Warsaw is not Manhattan when it comes to restaurants I'm sorry to say.

Reply Aug 29th, 2010
United States

Hmmm I enjoyed the Sphinx when I went to Warsaw, ate at the one on the main street, three times, I was so impressed. I guess if one is used to nothing but gormet food all the time it may seem to simple, but for a bistro, it was fine, sure, maybe not award-winning but the food I got was tasty and well done and presented. So who cares if there are only male waitstaff are you women lesbians who wish there were women waitstaff? If I want eye candy I'll go to Hooters and eat their over-priced junk, if I want decent food, I'll go somewhere like Sphinx. I like their variety, so it isnt Slavic, if you want slavic food go to a slavic restaurant or a shwarma kiosk!

Reply Feb 7th, 2010
Belinda F

I agree. a 5/6 is all it deserves. really nothing special....

Reply Jan 26th, 2010
Mike from Canada

We went out to the Sphinx on Nowy Swiat and the food was "Just" OK! I prefer Poliash food while visiting Poland not middle eastern curried stuff. The atmosphere was alright and rating this restaurant out of 10 I'd give it a 5 or 6 ?

Reply Jan 21st, 2010
United Kingdom

I always go to Sphinx in every city I go to when im in Poland. and never been dissapointed yet. The guys are friendly, helpful and speak good English, and the food is cheap and very good. I would definetly recomend Sphinx.

Reply Jan 19th, 2010

if you have no interest in food and just want a plate of meat and vegetables, you might go away satisfied from sphinx.

Reply Dec 30th, 2009
Cindy p
United Kingdom

why in the world does every sphinx in poland employ only male servers?? what's going on?

Reply Dec 7th, 2009
United States

whatever you eat there, don't get the chicken! in any form! this is not how the chicken should taste like!

Reply May 26th, 2009

i heard this mega chain is filing for bankrupcy!! where will i eat large portions of average food at low cost?

Reply Mar 4th, 2009

Went to Poland to visit Auschwitz and went to Sphinx every evening for dinner, atmosphere was great and the food was amazing! The waiters were lovely, extremely gorgeous!! going back there when the next break from college comes!!!

Reply Jan 20th, 2009

I went to spinx in poland, cracow and i had such a nice night.. I met this great waitor. he was tan great hair and had greeat english. I am like forcing ny family to go back to poland next year juyst so i can see him again! the food wasnt great but didnt stop a great night.

Reply Sep 22nd, 2008
Camilla Hansen

Seriously great food! Yum yum yum!

Went two times one day, near Galleri Centrum (I think it was called) and by Arkadia. At lunch I had a very nice Chicken salad, at dinner a large plate with grilled chicken, fries, special delicious salad, a bun, 3 kinds of dip and a pepsi. Heavenly food! Cheap AND class... Can it get any better! Oh, yeah, really cozy restaurants, and reeeaaally kind and good looking waiters! ;) -was there with my cousin, she was just as thrilled as I! :)

Reply Jul 23rd, 2008
Michael C
United Kingdom

This place is a bit hit or miss. The fist time I went was in the Arkadia shopping centre and I was really impressed with the portion and quality of the steak I had. The banana dessert was also very good. The second time I went (not in Arkadia) the food was a bit plain and my friends chicken dish was very dry and served with cold chips! More quantity than quality the second time round. I went again in another city (Lublin) and it was fairly bland there. The desserts are nice!

Reply Apr 9th, 2008

Large servings, but very ordinary quality. My chicken fillet was over-cooked, dry, and smelt slightly like it was a bit past its use by date. Our drinks arrived about 20 minutes after we ordered them. This is a large chain restaurant where the staff really don't care if the food is good or not. I'd suggest you look elsewhere.

Reply Feb 28th, 2008
United States

This was helluva good food. My friends and me loved it. SO tasty, so good. And the waiters are very kind too. I recomment shoarma with cheese and that awesome hot apple pie! De-li-ci-ous!

Reply Jan 25th, 2008

Ate lunch here. Ordered two Bloody Marys, a large meat platter and a vegetarian dish. Yes, there was a lot of food, but it was unbelievably bland and unimaginatively presented. This was very much a disappointing experience. The Bloody Mary's were basically the worst we'd ever tasted - or indeed hoped to taste.

It was cheap - but you expect that from this kind of place. Service was ordinary, no complaints but nothing special and the waiter even commented that they were understaffed. No suggestions of getting ripped off or anything like that but I certainly wouldn't go here again or recommend it.

Reply Dec 31st, 2007

If this is what they call good food I would rather eat out of a chip van. I can see why Poland is not famous for its food. They served cold chips and only reheated them when I pointed it out. Did not get one decent bit of food the whole time I was in the country.

Reply Nov 1st, 2007

Large boring plates with over cooked meats & fish. Simple food badly done.

Why are all the waiting staff male??

Reply Sep 23rd, 2007
United States

Undoubtably the worst restaurant chain I've ever eaten at. It serves many Poles who lack a refined palatte. You'd be better off skipping this place and getting a kebab on the street corner.

Portions are large, items are boring.

Reply Sep 8th, 2007
United States

Food and service were fine, but the waiter stole 50 L. I would not trust the staff there.

Reply Jul 13th, 2007
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