Go-Karting in Warsaw

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ul. PuĊ‚awska 33, Piaseczno

Reviews about Go-Karting in Warsaw

This course was one of the most dangously suprising gokart tracks ever. Full of landmines, gunfire and Orbital Strike Laz0rs raining down upon me! And dont even get me started on the paint ball. It was worse than saving the candian president from the secert service ninjas. It was fairly fun though.

United States,
Imola gokart & paintball

toommmy i challenge you! the Spain is best at all racing, at least the part of Spain i come from! My mates and I will be there soon to break your pathetic records ;)

Imola gokart & paintball

you're going DOWN warsaw!! tom & his matez are coming to town!!

United Kingdom,
Imola gokart & paintball

I had great fun there! Really. Take two rides and you will feel that you're alive!

Imola gokart & paintball