Gardens in Warsaw

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Reviews about Gardens in Warsaw

Simply stunning :)

United States,
Warsaw University Library

A real treasure in Warsaw. Beautiful architecture, unique atmosphere, a huge library, and a gorgeous garden with an amazing view!

Warsaw University Library

This is one of the great hidden secrets of Warsaw. This whole area is just gorgeous!

Hong Kong,
Warsaw University Library

Thee best place ever!!

Warsaw University Library

Indeed a breathtaking place. You are close to your books and close to the environment as well. I wanted to know more about the inscriptions on the 8 bronze walls on one of outside library walls. It has music, science, religion all over it. Wish somebody could provide a description of the writings in various languages.

Warsaw University Library

by far my favourite place in the whole city - in the summer, i could spend the whole day laying around in the grass. the architechture and design of the whole place is breathtaking!

Warsaw University Library