Downloadable Tallinn PDF Guide Now Available!

We know what you've been thinking: "Gee willikers! Tallinn Life sure is handy online, but I wish I could take it with me on my trip to Tallinn!" Well sweetheart, now you can. Inside the new Tallinn Life pdf you'll find all the travel tips and info you'll need when you plant that first step in this good city, plus events and our picks of the best restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, shops and sights Estonia's capital has to offer. And, our downloadable pdf is constantly updated to give you the most current information available at the time you print it out - a feature no other travel guide can boast to offer. Print our pdf in June, you'll get all our picks for June plus full Tallinn events listings for June and July. Finally, you can literally take the best info from our website with you on your trip. And guess what else? You'll find the same great info in pdf form on all our sites:

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Going to Tallinn and want to see and experience the best in 48 hours

Reply Jan 15th, 2017