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Estonia vs Ireland posted by

For all football fans, if you didn't had a chance to get a ticket to visit the upcoming game on the 11th of October, Estonia vs Ireland. Don't worry there are… [Read more]

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Fashion meets Tallinn posted by

Tallinn meets fashion or should we say fashion meets Tallinn... In anyways, Xenia Joost one most talented designers has many of great fashion design's to offer. [Read more]

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The largest ever exhibition of Ene-Liis Semper’s work opens at Kumu posted by

For all art lovers, the works of Ene-Liis Semper, one of the most internationally recognised Estonian artists, opened at the Kumu Art Museum. A great chance to… [Read more]

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Newcomers 2011 posted by

Tallinn has also its newcomers in 2011. If you are a freak of "new openings"or running after the latest "gastronomy". Seen to be seen... or just would like to… [Read more]

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Translater french or english to report posted by Olivier

I am going to report in Tallin between the 22th and the 27th october. I am looking for a translater from estonian or russian to french or english.I will be in… [Read more]

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Tallinn-Life live on Facebook posted by is now available on Facebook. Take the opportunity to link you with and discuss with persons around the world about the… [Read more]

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We are getting closer to bring faces to The aim will be to get more trust and of course more idea for what you are looking for in Tallinn.… [Read more]

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Next steps, for posted by goes to its next level. I'm Michael and your contact person for if you should have any question I could help you or you just… [Read more]

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Do you want to work with Tallinn Life? posted by zebra-media

Self motivated people required to run travel websites in the following cities: Berlin, Gdansk, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga… [Read more]

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online shops posted by shani123

Hello , Hi guys ! I am very busy person and I cannot take time to shopping so I prefer online shopping I visit resently plz… [Read more]

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A place for music lovers in Tallinn! posted by Kellundas

All bohemians, music lovers, rebels and such should try going to a place called Von Krahl's Bar. I enjoy it a lot and I think anybody, who's not into the… [Read more]

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finding bar/restaurant/english teaching work posted by tnj4884

hey got a job working for accommodation in tallin, but need a paying job. how hard is it to find bar or restaurant work. i have lots of experience, no EU… [Read more]

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BIRTHDAY LONG WEEK-END posted by djmonk1984

Hi everyone There are 30 guys mixed age groups and mixed race hittin Tallinn old square on 22 april to 25 april, as anyone got any information on best places… [Read more]

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Eating out in Tallinn posted by diane3

Hi - has anyone got any suggestions for good places to eat in Tallinn? I'm looking for cheaper and more straightforward food, nothing fancy! Thanks! [Read more]

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English Breakfast posted by HenryK

Can anyone recommend somewhere in town that does a full English breakfast - preferably with bacon!! I need it bad. [Read more]

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Gay Pride 2009?? posted by Bashia

Hi. I've heard that there is a gay parade in the city centre in mid-August. Does anyone know anymore, such as when exactly or where it takes place? Thanks [Read more]

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clubbing in Tallinn posted by soapy39

Hi people, Just looking for some advice,there are a mixed group of black guys and white guys, who are dying to go to Tallinn, but I am not sure what the clubng… [Read more]

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need help with accommodation and transport in Tallinn? posted by mybaltictour

Hello everyone who comes to Tallinn and needs help or suggestions for their stay: let us know and we help you for free! [Read more]

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estonian course posted by estudiante

Hello! I'm looking for a stonian language course for summer, short course, 2 or 3 weeks, for beginners. I wanted to know about schools where would be possible… [Read more]

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if you'll need some medz in Tallinn posted by stapet

I Sell CIALIS (better than VIAGRA) 10 doses in a pack = 300eek (20eur). Can be use by Man and by Women. I’m from Tallinn, mob. 56470350, stap3t@gmail.c [Read more]

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places to stay posted by diane3

hello, I will be visiting Tallinn again. I would like to know if anyone could suggest a place to stay that is around the price of a hostel but more "authentic"… [Read more]

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expats posted by diane3

My friend just moved to Tallinn - she's an Irish girl. I think she might be a bit lonely - is there any good spots to meet other expats? Thanks for your help… [Read more]

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Stag Weekend posted by shady82000

Hi, Me and a few friends are thinking about Tallinn as a stag destination. Where would be the best place to stay, City Centre or Old town?? and where are the… [Read more]

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best club posted by diane3

hi - i'll only be in Tallinn for a few days... what's the best club here that I absolutely have to visit? Cheers! [Read more]

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Fancy Dress posted by cococrave

Hello could anyone tell me where to find a fancy dress shop in tallin? thanks… [Read more]

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Nightlife posted by TheTallinner

I read the nightlife page on this website, but I was wondering if their were any Estonians out there who could give me so their opinions on best bars and clubs. [Read more]

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Nightlife again posted by TheTallinner

...or Ex-pats who know the scene really… [Read more]

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I am a Chinese, can I make some freinds here? posted by timeby

hello, is anyone here can introduce your nice country to me. [Read more]

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Tallinn @ Christmas 2007 posted by dan321

My wife and I are planning to vist Tallinn at Christmas (24 December - 31 December). We would like to check if there will be anything open, bars, restaurants… [Read more]

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Tallinn or Krakow? posted by Jabber

I'm a best man and planning a stag weekend for the groom! I've had a look around, and Tallinn seems a popular place - but Krakow also looks good! Anyone in… [Read more]

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Weather in october posted by smidak

I would like to go to Tallinn at the and of october.Does anybody know, what weather should I wait? Thank you. Michal. [Read more]

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Work in STOCKHOLM? posted by 10dency

We are looking for SERIOUS young cute gay-guys for staff in our blue-movieshop in Stockholm! Computerskills (i.e Photoshop, etc) is an advantage! Please… [Read more]

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Please help me find Anja! posted by damo33

Help! I'm trying to find a girl called Anja, that I met in Riga (Club Essential, friday 26th Oct). Like a fool, I tried to remember her mobile phone number & I… [Read more]

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visiting on 23nov posted by easyrider

hi 2 english going to tallinn on 23rd nov,have been looking at best places to go for drinking,clubbing ect ect,but was wondering what it is like at this time… [Read more]

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coming from Italy posted by sweetapple68

I'm a 39 year old doctor, just divorced and looking to forget this bad history.I hope Tallinn could help me to do that.I'll be there from 20 th December to… [Read more]

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