Sofia Travel Tips

Here are a few things to bear in mind during your stay in Sofia:

Do not exchange money at the change bureau at the airport; if you need local currency use an ATM instead.

Once you are out of the airport you can choose to travel downtown by taxi or bus. If you choose the bus make sure you have an extra ticket for your luggage. Tickets are sold at the booth on the bus stop.

The best way to get around central Sofia is on foot. However, be alert when crossing the road and beware the poor state of the pavements.

If you decide to use a car keep in mind that most Bulgarian drivers think of road signs and traffic lights as decorations.

Try to avoid the pedestrian subways located far from the centre at night.

If you need a local mobile phone number you can easily buy a SIM card for prepaid communication with one of the two local mobile phone operators - Mtel & Globul.

Remember that unlike most countries, in Bulgaria, when you want to answer with a "yes," you shake your head back and forth. To answer with a "no," you nod your head up and down. Knowing this will spare you a lot of confusion and embarrassing misunderstandings.

Be careful with beggars - some of them can be bothersome even if you give them money (or especially then) and some are actually skillful little pickpockets.

If possible avoid using public toilets and if not - make sure that you shop for napkins first.


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