Getting around Sofia

By Taxi

One of the easiest ways to travel around Sofia is by taxi. All taxis in Bulgaria are yellow and have a "taxi" sign on the roof: don't believe anyone who tries to convince you otherwise! Here's a tip: the fact that a taxi is old or in bad condition tends to mean that it will be more expensive than the opposite! The newer cars belong to the big taxi companies and are well maintained. Furthermore, their drivers are subjected to all the necessary checks, personality tests included, and the prices are fair and strict. The taxi fares vary between 0,19 /km and 1,50 /km, with a 0,20 to 1,50 starting fee. It is always good to check the price tag under the windshield or the one placed on the glove compartment. You can get a taxi from the stands, hail on the street or order one by phone (the starting fee then would be about 0,20 more). Most drivers do not speak English but are used to foreigners and will find a way to meet your needs!

By Public Transport

The public transport in Sofia is excellent. Take your pick from buses, trams, trolley buses or the subway. Although most of the public transport vehicles were renewed a few years back, many are still a bit tatty. Still, they are pretty regular (available between 6:30 AM and 11:00 PM) and cheap. Tickets for the public transport are sold at booths at most stops and not always by the driver of the vehicle; to make sure, buy at a booth. A single travel ticket costs 0,50 BGN (0,25 ) and should be "cancelled" (i.e. stuck in the wee ticket machine) as soon as you get on the vehicle, and then kept until you get off the vehicle. A combined ticket for two journeys valid for a period of 60 minutes costs 0,80 BGN (0,40 ). You can also purchase tickets for three or five journeys and they cost about 1,36 BGN (0,68 ) and 2,00 BGN (1,00 ) respectively. A passenger without a regular travelling document is charged with a 5,00 BGN ( 2,5 ) ticket. You can also buy daily, weekly or monthly cards.


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