Services in Sofia

When abroad, it can often prove difficult to find information on things outside the usual tourist sphere, unless of course you speak the local language. Never fear, because our directory of Sofia services is here.

Whether you need a taxi, car rental firm, web caf or even a lawyer (don't worry, we won't ask why!) we've got it all covered. When eventually you fall in love with the city and decide to stay - let's face it, it's inevitable - then you'll be needing a real estate agent as well!

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Marie Louise Boulevard
Sofia centre, Vitosha blvd., 40 William Gladstone

2. Internet cafe WebZon@

1 review
София 1407, комплекс Витоша тюлип, ул. Димитър Манчев 1В, офис Г.10
27, Veliko Tarnovo Str

4. Adis

1 review
Benkovski Str. 6
1 Christophor Columbus blvd

6. Sofia Airport

1 review
Terminal 2, Sofia International Airport

7. Avis

1 review
6 Graf Ignatiev Str
Slatina 1 Boyan Maguesnik Str

9. OK Supertrans

1 review
1 Gurko Str.
1000 St. I.Rilski street

11. Stylist Kapanov

0 reviews
ul. Vranya 32, 1233

12. MD Rent A Car

0 reviews
42B William Gladstone str.

13. Content 91

0 reviews

14. Savoy Rent A Car

0 reviews
Adriana Budevska Str. №17 Sofia
bul. Vasil Levski 15-17

16. Bulrent

0 reviews

Reviews about Services in Sofia

This company is a scam just as any other taxi service. They are no different. As I got in the taxi at the airport, I asked whether 40 leva would be enough to take me to the destination. (It had been 20 years since I had been back to Bulgaria, I was fairly certain it it would be more than enough, but I wanted to make sure and not be stuck not being able to pay. Also, on the OK Supertrans website they had some sample fees to certain destinations within the city, so I had a pretty good idea what it might cost.) Mario, the driver, said that it should be enough. When we arrived, I asked him what the meter is showing for the price to be. He said that he didn't turn the meter on, because we had 'supposedly' made a deal to pay him the 40 leva. He wouldn't give me my luggage until I paid him the 40 leva. So, he pocketed the cash, and obviously didn't report/declare the job to the company, but pocketed the cash for himself. BEWARE of OK Supertrans. They are professional liars and thieves.

OK Supertrans

Your proposal for the fastest train from Sofia to Bucharest, on June 21 after 8:00 am

Central Railway Station

Very good and professional marketing and digital agency. Extremely good in business development, open minded, tech prepared and with practical insights about the clients business.

Digital Marketing Group

I find very difficult internet club in Sofia. After 2 weeks stay I success! I find extremely comfortable place with computers and high net at the corner of Vitosha blvd.

Internet cafe WebZon@

Just watch your bag - lots of dodgy characters around. In fact there are lots of dodgy characters pretty much everywhere in the city. I am sure having all those casinos and slot machines around doesn't help

Central Railway Station

Useful, even for small tasks or questions.

United Kingdom,
COELER Legal Consulting

I use Avis often, everywhere I go.

United Kingdom,

Very helpful!

United Kingdom,

A decent airport for its size. Grabbing a taxi to the town centre is fairly easy, just look for the signs.

United Kingdom,
Sofia Airport

Wow - that's a pretty cool pic. Looks almost indecent! Much more interesting than most train stations anyway. Attack of the blobs!

United States,
Central Railway Station