Shopping in Sofia

Dispel any presumptions you may have about the availability of goods in Bulgaria because Sofia has a truly dazzling array of shops! From Western brand names (at Western prices unfortunately) and high class fashion boutiques to traditional shops and endearing markets, you can find anything and everything here.

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2 Maria Luisa Boulevard

1. Geko

3 reviews
6 Trapezitsa Str

2. Art Shop Hermitage

4 reviews
171 Europe Boulevard

3. Mr. Bricolage

3 reviews
55 Bulgaria Boulevard

4. Billa

7 reviews
Хайдушка гора 145

5. Charm

0 reviews
Zelena Polijana 8a

6. Aqua Matrix

0 reviews

The central shopping area mostly centres around Vitosha Boulevard, whilst more quirky and unique outlets can be found on and around Ivan Assen II. The markets are fantastic for finding interesting gifts and souvenirs, and there are many serious antique shops where a knowledgeable customer could make a great find.

Reviews about Shopping in Sofia

I go to Sofia where my fiancé lives quite frequently and go to Billa quite allot, I think a branch here in England would be very successful !

United Kingdom,

I shop at Billa on a regular basis,for me the choice is limitd,a lot of the vegatables I think have passed there sell-buy date,no Lamb and no shell fish..they dont cater for Italians or English....heho...happy days..!!!

United Kingdom,

Easy layout, wide aisles, good selection and wide variety of wines and beers at competitive prices.Kardzhali store.


As a foreigner in Bulgaria i am quite pleased with the selection of goods on offer at the local Billa store in Plovdiv it may not be as wide a selection as to what i am used to but big enough to supply me with everything i may need. Granted very little English is spoken but i am comfortable enough to buy hot meals and other groceries there without the need of a local to help me out. It would certainly help if they do employ more staff with a better command of the English language.

South Africa,

Staff doesn't speak English. Rejected my two Premier Visas, my Gold American Express, and my Euros cash. ATM in store was out of service so couldn't get Leva cash. This store is a disaster, and the cashier was of no help at all.


Lovely little shop:)

United States,
Art Shop Hermitage

Compared to supermarkets in the UK, France, Germany etc, Billa (in Bulgaria at least) is poor..Poor quality meat, average selection, overpriced considering its Bulgaria one of the poorest countries in europe and the staff service isn't great either...


Get sketching!

United Kingdom,
Art Shop Hermitage

Some bargains to be had here but you have to go hunting! Luckily this my favourite pastime, well worth a visit

United Kingdom,

Good selection of world foods, too.