Language Tips!

The first thing to know about the Bulgarian language is that it uses the Cyrillic alphabet created by St. Constantine the Philosopher (Cyril) - specifically for the Bulgarians - in the year 855 AD. Bulgarians are very proud of the language, since its creation has played a major role in the development of Bulgarian culture and traditions. If, however, you're freaked out about all those new symbols, have no fear: You can easily get around in Sofia because many signboards are actually written in English. The same is true in many hotels and restaurants. But, in the end, there's no getting around it... If you would like to be able to explore on your own, particularly the jewels off the beaten path, it would be good to take some time before your visit and learn the Cyrillic alphabet. It's definitely not as hard as it looks! A lot of the letters are pretty much the same, and the few that are different are easy to remember. At the bottom of this page you will find a basic guide to the Bulgarian alphabet and a few phrases that you might find useful.

For those who plan on staying longer or are simply interested in learning Bulgarian, there are many language schools. Translation services are also widely available and so are the English-speaking daycares or primary schools if you plan on working here and want to bring your family with you.

We work hard to create a comprehensive guide to the language services available in Sofia. Please, check in again later for more information.


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Quinn Golling
United States

Hello. I'm hoping to come stay in Bulgaria for a few months in May of next year. I'm currently absorbing all I can about Bulgarian culture, traditions and language. How much money should I bring to start out?

Reply Oct 7th, 2022

You can learn the lingo on-line on Skype:

Reply Mar 15th, 2012
United Kingdom

Hi, I personally admire, a very useful resource if you are looking for information about Bulgaria and I would ask you guys create new pages, where users can reach those schools online, it would not only help your website readers but your schools and even economy as well :) All the best Regards

Reply Jun 19th, 2010
United States

I will never rember all this !!!!!!!!!!! yikes!

Reply Sep 29th, 2009

this is cool!!!!! i know how to speak bulgarian!!!!! and english!!!!

Reply Feb 25th, 2009