Lviv airport leaps into life during Euro 2012

Lviv's international airport processed 50,000 passengers between 8 and 25 June, according to a statement released by the official Lviv Euro 2012 web site.

A new terminal was opened at the airport in April, ahead of the Euro 2012 tournament.

Due to the efficient operation of all of the authorities, including the Border Guard Service, the Customs Service, and the regional centre for air traffic control, the servicing of flights and passengers was performed without delays, the statement claimed.

Lviv hosted three Group B matches during the tournament, with the German, Danish and Portuguese teams taking part.

However, besides flights from Germany, Denmark and Portugal, there were also a considerable number of flights from Poland, co-host of the tournament, as well as Austria, the Czech Republic and Belarus.

Eurolot, a subsidiary of Polish LOT National Airlines, hopes that its new Krakow-Lviv and Wroclaw-Lviv services will be able to maintain a healthy flow of customers.

Eurolot announced in late June that it has employed international player Discover the World Marketing to help promote its new services in Ukraine.


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