Lviv stage is set for Euro 2012

The final countdown has begun for Euro 2012, with Lviv poised to host three Group B matches in the tournament.

The German, Portuguese and Danish teams will all be playing in the Lion City, with the first match set to take place on 9th June.

Volodymyr Hubytsky, deputy head of the Lviv Regional State Administration, believes that the tournament has provided an impetus for the regeneration of the area as Ukraine continues to shake off the legacy of its period under communist rule.

"I believe that we worked quite actively when preparing for Euro 2012, he said, as quoted by the Interfax news agency.

Preparation for it gave our region a serious platform for the implementation of large-scale projects in the future, such as EuroBasket 2015 and Olympic Hope 2022," he added.

Hubytsky revealed that all in all, some 12.5 billion Ukrainian hryvna (1.2 million euro) have been spent on infrastructural projects within the region.

Thanks to this, both locals and visitors will be able to relish a brand spanking new football stadium, a new airport terminal and miles of recently laid roads.

Last but not least, the historic city of live itself is sure to enchant the influx of visitors. Europe's best kept secret is just days away from being discovered...


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