Euro 2012: New air link between Lviv and Krakow

For those keen to zip around Poland and Ukraine during the Euro 2012 football tournament this June, there's good news in the form of a new air link between Lviv and Krakow.

One-hour flights between the two cities will come courtesy of Eurolot, a subsidiary of Lot, Poland's National Airlines.

Transport between the two cities was previously a somewhat drawn out affair, involving either nine hours on the train, or bumpy bus journeys blighted by epic queues at the border.

Yet as of late April, travellers will be able to snap up air tickets from as little as 25 euro.

Lviv will be hosting three opening phase matches for Group B, involving Holland, Denmark, Germany and Portugal.

Although Krakow is not officially a host city, Holland, Italy and England will be using the southern Polish gem as their base camp.

The picturesque cities have much in common, with shared history as part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Habsburg Galicia.


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